The Practice Of Parenthood

By: Danny Thomas

The practice of parenthood,

For me…

Is like refining the art of giving yourself over to entropy.

Who knows?

I’ll tell you this

It is for me, learning that my relationship with chaos,

With energy of any sort in this place, is less about trying to master it,

And more about trying to fail gracefully in the face of it, at least as often as

I succeed by chance.

Oh man…

Chance has been good to me!

These girls!

Their mother!

I must try to walk with gratitude…

For all this



A glorious balancing act to navigate.


Which crisis to avoid

Which catastrophe to enjoy

And which miracle to take notice of…


  1. Tanya Ward Goodman says

    I love this — so beautiful and so very true. “Glorious balancing act,” indeed!

  2. says

    Just sat and read your blogs. Greatly appreciated. I could reflect and relate with you on many of your observations about parenting and life but time won’t allow. Both are a beauty and a joy forever. My son walked yesterday for the first time. Also he projectile vomited (all over his Mom and our prized couch). Both glorious in their own way… though one smelled much different. Will be rooting (and praying) for your family during your transition as we are in one too.
    Press on, man.
    ps- Great to see that you, Brandy, Karen, and Zag are still collaborating after all these years. Best of luck with the whole project.

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