Who Needs To Think When You Have An iPhone?

By: Jillian Lauren

There’s a piece in the NYTimes today about iPhone apps that give you zingy one-liners and rhetorical strategies to aid you in debating those pesky religious fundamentalists. Not for you? Okay, there’s also one that will help you parry with atheists.

Does anyone else think this is the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard of?

How about an app that teaches us how to think critically about the philosophical questions that define the human condition? I have an iPhone app suggestion…it’s called, “Think For Your Own Darn Self.” You ask it questions and it suggests a number of texts from all different perspectives. You can then go read them and make up your own mind about the answer.

Besides, do we really need anything that helps us argue better? As if the problems threatening the human race right now are a result of people not having quite enough ammunition to prove that they’re right and everyone else is wrong.


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    This made me laugh. I don’t have an Iphone nor does my cell have any apps on it. I do know someone who makes apps for a living and he has some amazing ones. With the way they sell I think people must love them and for some they are a way of life. Weird, I know.

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