1. Brandy says

    My you are fast…I just put this up! You should have seen me when Sophia was first born, pages and pages of notes on nursing and sleep schedules and I think people thought, maybe still think that I’m crazy! I love my notes–I go a little “Beautiful Mind” on it though.

  2. says

    I had a baby nurse and she had me keep track of feedings and poops. As soon as she left all notes were gone. Now I just have one a day and I just check off stuff as I do it. I had a friend who had a notebook and she would list everything she wanted to do and then just add items after items and then you would go through all the pages and see what was still left to do and it was circled. I am online always and right now I am at my sons watching his kids as they went to his best friends funeral in Chicago. He was diagnosed 3 years ago at 36 and tried everything but he just kept chasing the disease until today when his body gave up.

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