Exclusive Interview: Thea Gill on Queer As Folk, Slip Away and Finding Her Voice Again

By: Sarah Toce

When Thea Gill called me from her oasis in the mountains, the connection was a little shaky, but she was certainly not. The Canadian-born actress best known for her role on the American Showtime series Queer As Folk was down-to-earth, gracious, full of energy (regardless of the fact that she was fighting a cold), and extremely welcoming. It was an absolute joy to spend a little bit of time with the iconic personality – even if our conversation was paused in order to redial a few times.

Gill’s steadfast commitment to her craft is taking a new musical turn that has her reliving her roots in the theatre. At one point in our conversation, we discussed how the monumental success of Queer As Folk both helped and hindered the 5’10” blonde beauty’s career and personal life. With time, distance, spiritual inflection, and patience, Gill has once again found her voice. Here, she’ll share it with you.

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