Getting Rid of the Pacifier

By: Brandy Black

We have been threatening to get rid of the pacifier for a very long time and truthfully it seems like it’s going to be torture for the whole family but our daughter is now three years old so I guess it’s time right?  We’ve been talking about the fairy that is going to come and take her pacifier (“Obe”) and replace it with a gift of our daughter’s choosing.  So here is the before…


On another note, my wife made a children’s CD for Modern Families called “Warm Sun” and a version of one of the songs was just featured on Extreme Makeover so I thought I’d share the music video (put together by Seth Freeman) with you.  Enjoy…

song written by Susan Howard and Seth Freeman


  1. says

    Both videos adorable. Can’t wait to see what happens when the OBE fairy comes. The OBE fairy better keep that pacifier forever. I am sure we will find out. Good luck. I just went around my house and cut all the pacifiers and as my sons found them they didn’t work and we threw them out and that was it.

  2. Alison says

    She KILLS me !
    But I think I might see “actress” in your future..
    Her delivery is impeccable.
    Uh oh.

  3. Brandy Black says

    Madge- Once the Obe Fairy comes she will take the obe FOREVER!
    Alison- Noooooo not an actress, well wait, hmmm, maybe she could pay for college…

  4. says


    I loved both videos. You have a talented family! Yourself, your wife and your future award winning actress/writer/director/producer.. :-)

    I love the idea of an “Obe Fairy”. I wish I had been that creative. I simply cut off the ends of the pacifier so they no longer had any “suck” to them. Then they boys just threw them away…LOL. You are much more creative. Good luck! Excited to see how it goes for the three of you. :-)

  5. Janel O'Connell says

    Oh Brandy, I went through that with THREE KIDS! Ugh, parenting is so tough sometimes isn’t it?!….and guess what! Each child had it longer that the one before! lol BUT the magic number was 3 for us. By the 3rd night, each of them (all having different personalities) realized that they “could” sleep without it. My last child was my son, who was a whopping 4 1/2 when we recently took it. I cried privately b/c he liked it so much. :-/ He did say he missed it 2 weeks later, but he’s fine and still sleeps great. Does she still have Obe (sp.?) BTW our names were paci x2 and bobby for one. 😉

  6. Brandy Black says

    Janel-Nice to see you on here! And biting off the ends of the pacifier seems to be the way to go, our way will just be a little more magical and who knows if it will work. We were supposed to do it last week but well Susan and I chickened out so we are pushing it out a week or two, I know we are a mess :) We will have a report soon (I hope) :)

  7. says

    R u serious? You didn’t do it. You are showing little Sophia that you don’t follow through. I am coming over and making you do it this Friday. :) And I mean it. Especially if you are trying to have another one you must do this now. Sophia will adjust. One or two night and you are done with any screaming or carrying on. Needs to know you mean what you say. I am so surprised that you didn’t do it.

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