By Tanya Ward Goodman

There are three kids wallowing in a self-made mud pit in my back yard.

“We are getting really, really dirty,” they say.

They rub mud into their shorts and t-shirts. Their hands and faces are brown and soggy, their hair matted.

“We are pigs,” they say, gleefully.

They snort.

I turn the hose off and take a few photos from a safe distance. I start to say, “Don’t…” and then I stop.

The mud pit is far enough from the house to give me a running start on clean up. They are having a really, really good time. I head back inside and listen to them laugh.

My house is very tidy. Perhaps it is this fact that allows me to be so cavalier about the havoc in the back yard. For me, there has to be one place where things feel somewhat under control so that in other areas, I can loosen up. Today, my bed is made, the rug in the dining room still bears the tracks of the vacuum, and the mudslide doesn’t freak me out at all.


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    Is this a natural stream in the backyard or a black hole? I remember the time I had a mud pit on the side of my house and the neighbor kids and my kids starting playing it and throwing the mud and washing their body and hair in it. They had the best time and the hose was our official washing implement. These kids are now all around 40+/- and they still talk about it and look at the photos.

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    You are a better woman than me. Just looking at your picture sends me into an anal rententive seizure. Thanks for the reminder that I need to chill out sometimes. :)

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    Oh my gosh I’ll bet your kids had a BALL!! I did that for my kids a couple of times when they were little. Made mud pits for them and let them get totally filthy!! I have the muddy pics to prove it! They were still in diapers though so it was pretty easy to clean up….diaper off, straight to the hose…..

    Hope you heard lots of laughing and got lots of photos. :-)

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