Looking for Love

By: Melissa Mensavage

Looking for love

It’s a wonderful thing.

It’s what everyone wants (well, most everyone).

It’s surely what I want, second to being a mother. Yet, I am single. Have been for a very long time.

I surely don’t want to be single. I want to have companionship. I want to have someone call me regularly to say hello, because they want to and look forward to the next time we see each other. I want to share my life with someone. I want to be a good role model for Max, especially when it comes to relationships. I know you don’t need a relationship to be a good role model, but this here is what’s been happening in my house as of late, ‘Oh you wont eat cantaloupe? I see. Well Mommy is eating cantaloupe. Mmmm-mmmm. Oh, now you eat cantaloupe. Ok, I get it.’

I surely don’t want Max to feel like there is something wrong with his mother. I will tell him the truth one day, the right day, about how he came about. I am afraid in that message will be his mother wasn’t capable or didn’t know how to have a relationship.

I’ve been mentioning the cute guy at work. Well, I think that’s just about it, he’s cute. We’ve been working not-so-close together now for a little over a year, and there has never been any personal dialogue between us. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve asked. Oh how I’ve asked.

‘How was your weekend?’

‘Big plans for the holiday?’

‘Did you see the game?’

I get a response, that’s not the problem. It’s the missing return gesture. You know where people usually say, ‘My weekend was good thanks. How about yours?’

Yeah, we are talking dead air.

So how does one get to know another if there is no type of conversation? I would even settle for work conversation (temporarily, of course). Here’s the thing that kind of kicks me in the head: The dude has been asking about me to another co-worker.

‘Is Melissa going to the conference?’

‘Will Melissa be joining us for dinner?’

‘So Melissa has no experience with this program? And will need training?’

Yes, my poor friend Natalie. She is tired of fielding questions on me. I think she bangs her head on her desk just as much as I do.

The week before Labor Day, the cute guy and I had a meeting to go over this new software we are using here at work. He came to my desk, we sat right next to each other and he never asked me one single question.

Then we ran into each other on the way out of the building last week, and again, dead air.

I’m already exhausted.

I don’t have time to be the ‘on’ person all the time. I don’t have the energy either. (I don’t even have the energy to pick up the gazillion toys that seem to make their way into my home!) So one side of my brain says, ‘if he can’t step out of his shell to get to know someone, he isn’t for you.’ The other side of my brain says, ‘well maybe this is just it. Maybe I am supposed to be the outgoing one of the partnership.’

Then my heart interrupts the two and says, ‘C’mon! This would be great! It’s what you want! Just make it work!’ Then sanity has to add its two cents, and says, ‘There is a reason why the dude is still single. You deserve someone who can be the ‘on’ person half of the time. And don’t forget, he has to make you smile and laugh.’

Lots of emotions, lots of thoughts, and it always comes back to sanity. I try remain objective about the situation, remove the emotion from it, but when it’s so important to me, the above internal dialogue is probably seen by others. Not good. Especially if it’s a person of interest who is seeing it.

As of last Friday, I ended the chapter with the cute guy. That has been hard, because he has given me hope that it could be possible to have it all – motherhood, love, and career. I think I am more upset with the missed opportunity than with anything else. And I wonder will another cute guy come along? Will he be the right one?


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    I think you are better than this guy. He is apparently so boring as to be not even interested in even talking about anything. That is not the person for you and these guys don’t change. He is either way too shy, so self absorbed as to not to notice anyone else or has some form of autism and can’t communicate with people face to face. I say you have tried for over a year to get this guy to say anything and that is way too much. Someone is in your future and it will be when you least expect it. You are a terrific mom and I would love to see you find someone to share your life with but it shouldn’t be so hard as you describe with this “cute” guy. I say move forward.

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    About 15 years ago when I broke up with a guy I really loved and felt like I’d been kicked in the gut, I was so freaked out and worried that I would never find a man or have kids. I was focused on it all the time until one day on my way to work I noticed the incredible sunrise. I thought about how some day I will have children and my life will be so crazy busy that I won’t have quiet moments like this and I needed to focus on them, enjoy them. I needed to stop looking for what I didn’t have and focus on what I did have, because some day I may not have it. As a single mother with two young children (under 4) myself I am often overwhelmed and exhausted and I do get little time to myself, but every day I so grateful for the time I have alone with my children. If I focused on what I don’t have I may always be trying to find it and I’d be missing out on the incredible experience of watching my children. I don’t have to share them with anyone, and I am so lucky that I don’t have to balance another relationship during these critical years. I know it’s not always easy, but if you focus on what you DO have rather than what you DON’T have, the rest will take care of itself. :)

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