America and My Sadness–We Need to March!

By: Madge Woods

Times they are a changing and I am beyond outraged. I wake up every morning hoping another ridiculous bill will not be introduced in some state that violates women’s rights. Roe v. Wade is always under attack but never more than now. Right before my eyes all that I fought for is slowly disappearing and I am not happy. Women are not stepping up with enough indignation that our rights are clearly and quickly being tested, whether it be vaginal ultrasounds without our permission or birth control not being on insurance policies while viagra is. When I saw the all-male committee deciding women’s probing, I was furious but what to do? I give money, I write articles, I read FB and sign every petition, but I just don’t find that as satisfying as when I marched or went to rallies back in the day. Why are we not protesting with our feet or our voices to a larger audience? Are we just too media drenched now that we don’t let our voices and feet do the talking and walking? Where are the women leaders that take us to the great heights of Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan? We are stronger now than ever. We stand up and fight (just look at Komen) when we stood up and charged forcefully to voice our outrage. Where is our outrage now? Where is the real fight? I am ready to march but there are no marches; I am ready to stand and fight but there is no place to actually go but Facebook and other social medias. I want a place, a center, a march on Washington, Los Angeles, New York, and every other city. I want to see all women fighting for our rights to protect our bodies. Men can join too because you will be next if I have anything to say. Bills introduced as jokes now will become laws too and men will be probed and violated to get viagra or vasectomies. If we have to, so do they. Instead of tit for tat, it will be balls off for vaginal probes (you get my idea). My country scares me now more than at any time in my 63 years and as each day of my life passes we seem to be going backwards. We talk a good game about liberties, yet I feel a small majority are taking away my rights and no one seems to care but me. Women, stand up, take a stand and fight with all your might. Pretend it’s your children you are fighting for. Oh wait. It is your children or future children or the right to no children or better yet, it is your body that is about to be stolen from you. Now is the time, now the energy must be spent and the money spent and your time spent. Help me please find the answers. I know we are capable, we have done it before. I have done it before. If I could close a college over the Vietnam War and get the women’s movement to accept that I have control over my own body, I can do it again. But I represent the older women. We need the younger women to fight this fight with us and I don’t see that as much as I would want. Get out, fight the good fight, know you did your best and watch what happens. We have the power NOW USE IT.


  1. Tina Hunter says

    I am praying for two steps forward to this big step backwards, quickly!! I am almost 50, and I too have been discouraged by many younger women not seeming to get it. I don’t know if it’s because of because of ignorance, indifference or misguided beliefs but I sure hope they wake up soon.

  2. says

    Tina, I think it is because they just accept that they have all these rights and don’t realize what had to happen to make them so. I fought too hard to give them back or let them be taken away. I hope they get with the program. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Tina Hunter says

    That’s very true Madge, about young women not realizing how hard women had to fight for the rights they have. I wonder how often this topic is discussed in school or how they would learn about it if not from other women in their lives. I agree this is a great post.

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