By: Susan Howard

3 day cleanse to lose weight

Hello, I am an LA based trainer and I talk about all things healthy.  I took a blogcation, but am happy to be back writing for the site.

I am starting my first official 3-day cleanse.  I picked Fresh Pressed Juicery because they deliver to your house daily, making me feel at least that the juices are SUPER fresh.  I picked 3 days, because it was the shortest amount of time.  The nice thing is, if I am still hungry after drinking my six juices a day, then I am allowed to cheat by boiling broccoli and cauliflower and then drinking the water as a broth.  Thanks Fresh Pressed, you are really spoiling me.  I can drink that or my own urine.

I am on my 48th hour of no caffeine, and standing strong.  Even still, I have already messed up my pre cleanse routine by drinking a Mojito.  I thought about getting a soda water with a splash of cran.  I even pictured myself ordering that at the swank beachside hotel bar my family and I went to on Saturday, but then the word Mojito came out.


What am I so attached to? I expect in the coming days I will learn just that.  The real reason I wanted to try this cleanse was to figure out what I am not willing to let go of and why.  Is food more emotional than physical?  What do I expect from it?  What does it really give me?

I love to eat.  Goodbye food.  I will miss you.  Come back soon.



  1. Brandy Black says

    It’s nice to have you writing again. I’m proud of you even though it’s going to totally screw up our date night :)

  2. says

    I love that you already cheated. Shows you are human. :) Just looking at the juices makes me want to throw up. I am glad you are back writing for TNF. Now onto spring and summer tips for getting into those bathing suits.

  3. Alison says

    so you don’t want me to bring you a cinnamon roll from little flower ?
    or will that be your reward for cleansing ?

    What color was your pee today ?!
    Could you write more about that ?

    I second Madge about looking at the juices….

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