Embrace Your Inner Obamacare

By: Tom Butts

When I get an opportunity to write I find myself “blocked” -mostly because there are so many things going through my head at any given time.

Today is no different.

One issue getting attention as it goes to the Supreme Court is Obamacare (as it’s labeled by most conservatives).  Personally, I think they could have been a bit more clever in coming up with a better name, but it’s the GOP and creativity and evolution are two things they aren’t very good at.


Okay, so back to my thought.  Obamacare…right when you read it, I like the idea that my President does care.  When I read the list of things that are now protected as far as healthcare, prior to this legislation being signed into law I don’t understand why people would be against this.  More people are covered with insurance already, more people have the ability to keep coverage even when there is an existing condition. What’s not to like, right?

It’s funny to me that Romneycare (now I’m being a bit lazy in coming up with a clever name) has been law in MA for years now and it’s a state with almost all residents covered by insurance AND the residents are also very happy with their healthcare. Yet, Romney runs from it. Odd, it sounds more like an accomplishment to me.

As Democrats we need to focus on this and embrace it.  I think Obamacare is a great thing, andI’d even keep his name attached, I see it as a positive connotation.  Let’s let the GOP run at the mouth and “dog” it.  Let them fight women’s reproductive rights – after all it’s 1970, oh, wait, it’s not, it’s 2012.

I get fired up about a lot of things, this is something we should let be.  Say, “I like Obamacare.”  There’s really nothing someone can say about the negative effects of it, I still haven’t seen any of the scare tactics they’ve tried to use…no years of waiting for that doctor’s appointment, grandmothers being “put down” because it’s just cheaper.

I for one like Obamacare – I for one like the idea ofcoverage for all – I for one am done talking about this topic…for now.


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    Tom, so glad to see you writing about politics. I like different aspects of Obamacare (even Obama is endorsing the name now). He does care. I would love to see a single payer plan but until that day no pre-existing conditions and care for adults until they are 26 on their parents plans. I also think it should be a mandate. We’ll see how those non political (yah right) justices vote). I would love to think the Supreme Court Justices really are party politics as usual when it comes to voting.

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