The Pool

By: Joey Uva Enoch

Our new house has a pool.  And, not just a pool, a pretty large pool with tiles that look like swim lanes and a diving board.  We weren’t sure how deep the pool was at the diving board end or what the legal requirements were back when it was built.  I took a tape measure and crawled to the end of the diving board to measure.  The pool is 8 ½ feet deep at the deep end and about 3 feet at the shallow end.

I never had a pool as a kid.  My brothers and I would frequent the local High School pool in the summer time if we wanted to go swimming.  It was free to the local kids in the neighborhood.

Grace is all about the new pool; she loves the water and loves to swim.  This past weekend she was in the pool on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  On Friday, when we got home, she immediately wanted to go swimming.  I had partially finished mowing the front lawn for the first time and I told her I needed to finish that before we could go swimming.  I mowed the lawn and she swept the sidewalk.  She was very happy to help knowing that some pool time was right after.

I got up early on Saturday morning to clean the pool as Trevor and Grace both remained sleeping.  I had promised Grace a pool day, and it was going to be a perfect swimming day with temperatures in the 90’s.  We also had a couple friends coming over to see the house and enjoy a couple hours by the pool.  Our friend Cary took his first dip in the pool by jumping off the diving board.  He reminisced about his childhood, spending entire summer days in his home pool until his eyes were red, being completely exhausted and going to bed without a shower because he was so water logged.  I loved hearing that story.  It’s funny because I thought about how so many of my friends have come from very different backgrounds but yet here we are able to share and enjoy our lives together.  It also made me wonder what memories Grace will have of this time and the days ahead.  One thing I know we will all remember is, while we were swimming on Saturday we had a pretty large Mallard Duck decide that he needed a break from flight and landed right in the pool.  Our mouths were all open in shock and before we could snap a picutre, our dog Rex headed straight for the him and he flew off into the sky.

I think I am as fascinated with the pool as Grace is, I think for some of the same reasons and some different.  Grace wants me in the water with her, she wants to dive together, swim from one end to the other, and go underwater in the deep end.  I love having this quality time with her.  I love that Trevor and I get to share this experience.  I love that our friends and family will get to share in pool fun times with us as well.

I feel like a big kid with a new toy and I want to share it!


  1. says

    I grew up with a pool after age 10. It was such fun. We had all our friends over summer upon summer. My Mom once dove in with her clothes on to rescue a kid whose parents weren’t watching as tired to pull himself up by his hair. We had ketchup and mustard fights with squeeze bottles in and around the pool and then dove in to clean off. We washed out hair in the pool with shampoo. Oh the good old days. I am so glad Grace can swim and loves the pool. Great fun and exercise all in one.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing that Joey! I’m sad I missed that day but I look forward to more to come. I remember as a kid that only the rich kids had pools. Even the above ground style pools were a luxury that we just didn’t have. I too took advantage of the local high school pool.

    A funny memory to share- around age 12, I attempted to build a pool in our back yard (we had a very large back yard) . I dug and dug and probably only got down about 2 feet deep and 6 feet round. I got black pond plastic liner and filled it up with water. It lasted for about 3 days and we ended making a slip and slide instead. Needless to say, Miss Grace has got it good with her olympic size pool and diving board! Love the trio (the Father the Father and Grace)!!!! 😉

  3. Joey says

    @Madge – “ketchup and mustard fights with squeeze bottles”… sound super fun and messy :)

    @Ken – Thanks!!! I can totally see you trying to build your own pool as a kid! And look what you went and did as an adult!!… you built a whole SPA!!!…I think trying to build that pool was just the begining!

  4. Selina says

    Ok, Joey, we’ll be right over! But I gotta warn ya! I won second at the city swim meet when I was 12 so I’d probably smoke you at any swimming race! lol

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