Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy!

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I have been M.I.A. from The Next Family for a while because I have been working day and night on my quote book. After a LOT of hard work, Believe in Yourself, Inspire Others, Spread Joy!, is now published!

What began as a personal journey during a very dark time ended up becoming so much more. I originally came up with each quote as a cathartic way to help me deal with all that I was going through. As I shared my words of motivation through Facebook and my blog, readers began to let me know how much the quotes were also helping them deal with their difficult times. It was amazing to see that the words were not only helping me, but others as well. Heartwarming. That is how my book was born.

Each page tells a story with a beautiful picture and a quote straight from my heart. All the quotes are based on my personal experiences or my family’s experiences. Everyone will relate in one way or another. The words are truly like a friend that is reaching out just when you need them the most.

I’m beyond grateful at the response the book has been receiving. I’m so excited to share that it has been in the Top 100 “Hot New Releases, Motivational Books” on Amazon since the first day it came out! I’m thrilled and so thankful! After everything we have gone through over the last five years, it’s surreal to have so much joy and amazingness happening. I can’t stop smiling!

My hope is that if you get my book, you use it to help you find your joy, follow your heart and live your dreams!

“Circumstances might take you down, but they can never prevent you from getting back up!” ~ Amy Wise



6 Responses to “Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy!”
  1. Joey says:

    Congratulations Amy!!!.. so happy for you!

  2. amy wise says:

    Thank you so much Joey! I’m just over the moon and thankful!!!! A.

  3. madgew says:

    Of course I have bought 8 copies for friends. It is such a truly wonderful book. It is small and can be carried with you. The illustrations are carefully picked and it is more of an art/table book to me. I have used Amy’s quotes on my outgoing answering machine for months and the response is always the same, “I am calling back to get the quote.” Amy and I have been friends I discovered her writing and introduced her to our site. It truly is a joyous book.

  4. Amy Wise says:


    The most amazing supporter of all authors! I love you woman! Thank you for this beautiful comment and thank you for buying 8 books! You rock soul sister! Love A.

  5. Meika says:

    Congrats Amy! It sounds like a wonderful book. I’m excited to pick one up. Cheers to you!!

  6. Amy Wise says:


    Thank you so much! I’m beyond excited at the response it is receiving. More importantly, the stories that people are sharing with me as to why they are using the book or who they are giving it to, are just heartwarming. I wrote the book to help and uplift and it is exceeding my wildest expectations. I’m so touched and so grateful. Thank you for reading!

    Have a great week!

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