What a Sweet Face!

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Whenever I go in for the 3D/4D ultrasounds, I’m blown away with how much you can see. It’s like getting a sneak peak at the baby . . . you get to see exactly who you will be meeting in a few weeks, AMAZING! So, above is Little Man! The ultrasound tech said that he had TONS of hair and very large feet! I have already heard in the past that his long bone (leg) measured very long . . . so looks as if he’ll be tall. We shall see.

Now, we had an internet glitch, so the live streaming didn’t work out- BOO! But she did still get some great videos and images that I sent to the parents via cell phone immediately, so that was great. I am also sending out the video tomorrow so they can play it at their baby shower on the 7th of July. I am supposed to Skype in for it, so that should be fun.

It is amazing that we are coming towards the end . . . only a few weeks left. Crazy! Here’s a picture of me taking a break from packing my house up for the big move . . . showing off the 33-week belly.


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    You wear pregnancy well, kelly, So sweet to be skyping at the baby shower. Do the daddies know which sperm is used for this little man? And if so his he tall and have big feet? So fun. Almost time. Wonder what your new neighbors will say when you don’t come home with a baby? Love the speculation.

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    Kelly is having a c section as we speak at 34 weeks. Waters are leaking. Good luck Kelly.We are sure you will do so well and Little Man will be healthy.

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