Of Birds, Bees and Oral Sex

"Darling, have you packed your condoms?"

By: The Queen Father No, I’m not referring to any kind of outdoor pursuit in my title, even because I am a very indoor-kinda-guy, not to mention the British weather allowing very little to countryside frolicking, unless you are a duck… No, I was referring to recent news of public outrage at the material just […]

I Got Some Bad Press Already!

By: Jillian Lauren Who could say anything mean about that sweet little girl in the picture above? Now you know… I got some bad press already! I feel so legit. I’m kind of excited about it. Check back in with me regarding my feelings toward bad press in about six months, when I may very […]

Technology Attacks


By: Brandy Black I recently had a discussion with someone regarding the new initiative to get computers, about the size of a Blackberry or iphone, in schools.  They are saying that children are spending so much time on their phones -according to NY Times, approximately 7 ½ hours a day…pause…sigh…that the most time they spend […]

Be counted: Census 2010 to tally LGBT couples

BIG DEAL! I find it crazy that the 2010 Census claims that they allow same-sex couples and that their families will be a part of the data collected as the 2010 Census forms reach American households this week. However, a large number of single LGBT members who live alone cannot identify their sexual orientation. LGBT […]

Single Dad Support

By: Brandy Black Being a parent is difficult; it involves a lot of juggling, managing the household, negotiating with children, homework, the list goes on. Single parents take it all on and sometimes without preparation. Oftentimes becoming a single parent is thrown in one’s lap with no warning. This can be daunting for anyone. RJ […]