What Do You Do When Your Teen Breaks the Law?

watching the time

By Carol Rood There are those people who value some laws above others.  People who think it is okay to break some laws, but not others.  And if we really get down to bras tacks, I speed pretty often, so I myself break the law on occasion.  But I am 48 years old and pay […]


“Mandatory Family Fun” Sometimes I Force My Teens To Hang Out With The Parents!

Roller Coaster

By Carol Rood I think I am a “normal” average mom, I like to spend time with my family. Occasionally I require them to spend time with me doing what I like to call “Mandatory Family Fun”.  These are days where they are forced to participate in an activity with the family…..WITHOUT any friends along […]


You Can’t Argue With Science! What Contraception Is and What it Isn’t!

The Hobby Lobby Case

By Carol Rood The Hobby Lobby case has certainly got people stirred up. Religious freedom? Corporations are more important than people?  Corporations ARE a “person”? Regardless of what your religious beliefs are and regardless of what your believe a corporation should and shouldn’t provide for their employees, or what a corporation should or shouldn’t be, […]