The Jeep


By: Holly Vanderhaar Gracie had her wrist surgery last Monday, and it went great. It was a ganglion cyst after all—that’s what my gut was telling me, but the tests all reported that it wasn’t consistent with a ganglion—so it’s a relief to have that settled. She was really nervous about the anesthesia, but she […]

More Will Be Revealed

operating instructions

By: Holly Vanderhaar Many moms—especially single moms—in my circle will list Anne Lamott among their favorite parenting authors. Not because she gives parenting advice, per se, but her memoir Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year has saved many a new mom’s sanity. She gave me the courage to become a writer myself, […]



By: Holly Vanderhaar The travel fund has gotten a jump-start, though not quite in the way I was expecting. I found out about ten days ago that I’ve been awarded a grant that I applied for last fall. I asked for money to take a two-week research trip to northeastern Massachusetts, and then an additional […]

Life Begins at 40


By: Holly VAnderhaar I love being in my 40s. No, really. I do. It’s not all a bed of roses, of course. I don’t love all the gray hair (or the cost involved in hiding it), and I’m not crazy about the tendency of body parts to expand and/or move southward. I expected to be […]