Gay Dad: The First 4 Surprises of Parenting


By John Jericiau The Poop! – The first black tar that comes out of your child is shocking.  After that the months are a blur but the amount of poop you’re handling and butt you’re wiping is etched in your brain.  The quantity increases exponentially with each increasing size of diaper.  When you’re at a […]

Gay Dad: When The To-Do List Becomes To-Didn’t


By John Jericiau It happens often, and it’s happening right now. Even though I have three boys and all the activities in their lives to orchestrate, there are times when our household is running like a well-oiled machine, humming through life day by day with ease. I have no worries, except wondering how I’m going […]

Gay Dad: Our Surrogate, Our Friend

Image: Private 1st class Rona Operio, the first female marine drill instructor from the first batch of female enlisted marines, command her troops at Fort Bonifacio military headquarters in Taguig city

By John Jericiau It’s a very unique situation, to say the least. Here I am, a stay-at-home Daddy who is almost seven years deep into the whole parenthood thing. We’ve got three beautiful and thriving sons, two who are 6 years old (but are 8 months apart to the day), and one who is a […]

Gay Dad: Sit up Even Straighter


By John Jericiau After last week when I blogged about some postural hints for parents from a physical therapist’s perspective (mine), I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback: “Good tips, thanks!” “Is that really you in the picture?” “Got anything else to share with us?” Well, you’re welcome, sorry that’s not me, and of course […]