Imagine The Possibilities With Barbie

Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie

By Brandy Black I’ll admit it: my family is over-scheduled. Most of the time I blame my wife for this, but the truth is I run our kids ragged, too. I’m always looking to ensure that they are exposed to anything and everything that might open their hearts and minds to the world’s possibilities.  On […]

Ben Carson is Anti-LGBT, Single Parents


By Alex Temblador Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson is by no means pro-LGBT, but he has now started spewing anti-modern families’ statements to the media. This morning on a Sirius XM radio interview, Carson reportedly said, “We’ve got to stop paying attention to the PC police who say every lifestyle is exactly of the same […]

What Do You Think Of The Word Queer?

Brandy and Susan

By Brandy Black More and more I’ve been hearing the word queer in daily conversation.  I’m beginning to let go of the negative connotations that I grew up with around this word. In this video my wife and I openly discuss our thoughts on labels in general.  We’d love to hear your feedback.   To […]

Why Perez Hilton’s Shower Photo with Son Shouldn’t Be Controversial

Perez hilton in shower with son

By Alex Temblador Gay celebrity star and blogger, Perez Hilton might not be everyone’s favorite. He’s been known to out celebrities, isn’t always ‘tactful’ in his words or blog, “ignores” his celebrity friends’ racist or homophobic statements, and has been sued numerous times for leaking inappropriate photos of celebrities or for copyright violations. And now […]

YouTuber Explains Why His Vlog is Called “I’m Gay, White, & Racist”

Matthew Dempsey

By: Alex Temblador Those that grow up as members of the LGBT community in the United States have faced discrimination, whether it be the denial of certain rights because of a lack in equal rights laws or from homophobic or trans-phobic individuals and their actions or words. So as a member of the LGBT community, […]

Trans Model Could Be 1st UK Woman to Be Biological & Adoptive Parent of Child


By Alex Temblador British trans woman Fay Purdham recently launched a Go Fund Me page to can raise enough money to hire a surrogate to carry her child. Before her transition began at age 16, Fay froze her sperm in hopes of one day having a biological child. If she can raise the money and hire […]

Spotlight Series: Two Moms Miriam and Amber

Miriam&Amber_Wedding (141 of 227)

The Next Family: How did you start your family? Miriam:  When I was young I always told myself that I didn’t want to have kids, but in 2010, all of a sudden I got that feeling that I wanted to be a mom no matter what.  Axel was born on February 6, 2011. The Next Family: […]

Gay American Travelers Ask Spanish People To Translate Homophobic Letter

Spanish couple translates homophobic letter

By Alex Temblador Spain’s State Federation of Lesbian, Gays, Transsexuals, and Bisexuals just released a video for a new campaign called, #ConLaVozBienAlta, or #WithReallyLoudVoices. It features a young gay American couple (actors) that have just arrived to Madrid, Spain, and are trying to find their hostel. Neither one of them speaks or understands Spanish. The […]

Why I Signed Up For GLSEN Ally Week


By Lisa J. Keating The week of September 28 to October 2, 2015 is Ally Week, a sponsored campaign by Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN). According to their website, “Ally Week is an opportunity for students to engage in a national conversation about the meaning of allyship. Ally Week is for everyone: straight […]