Awesome LGBT Moments in Sports in the Last Week


Acceptance of the LGBTQ community in the sports world has always been slow moving. However, with the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality and with Pride month, we’ve seen some amazing moments in sports that celebrate the marriage equality decision and welcome the LGBT community. We’d like to share those with you! Pro Wrestler “Money” Matt […]


Why The PRIDE Health Study App Is Great for the LGBTQ Community


By Alex Temblador Dr. Mitchell Lunn and Dr. Juno Obedin-Maliver of the University of California-San Francisco have just released a new iPhone app called PRIDE. This new downloadable app will ask users to share their health history and health concerns in an effort to launch the largest long-term health study of the LGBTQ community. The […]


WATCH: Interview With Transgender Student Stella Keating

Interview with 10 year old transgender kid

By Brandy Black This is part one of a series of interviews that I will be doing with the adorable 10-year-old Stella Keating who just recently came out as transgender.  She opens up about how she told her parents, how life has changed since she said goodbye to Morgan and became Stella and what she […]


Kimmel & Zea Prove That Kids Are All Right With Same-Sex Marriage


One of the most commonly-used arguments against same-sex marriage were children. Anti-gay and anti-marriage equality supporters have said that children deserve “one mother and one father” and that gay marriage will only confuse the children of the world. However, now that marriage equality has come to pass, we’ve seen in the following days, that kids […]


Mother & Author: Coming Home

Jillian Lauren

By Jillian Lauren I’m back, friends! I got home from my wonderful (if exhausting) book tour during Tariku’s last week of school and crashed full force into the daily minutia of life. The every day-ness of waking stupid early, making breakfast, facing piles of laundry and cleaning dog throw-up was both an enormous relief and […]


Museum of Modern Art Acquires The Rainbow Flag

Museum of Modern Art

By The Seattle Lesbian The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has acquired the Rainbow Flag into its design collection just in time for its 37th anniversary. On June 25, 1978, artist Gilbert Baker created the flag in San Francisco. He wanted to create a universally understood symbol. “[The Rainbow Flag] doesn’t say the word ‘Gay,’ and it doesn’t say […]


Serving In The Military Under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Mel and Mandi

By Mel and Mandi Can anyone see us holding hands in the car? There is a military sticker on the window. Is there anyone we work with in the movie theater with us? I want to give you a kiss. Has anyone followed me to your house? I want to stay with you. Serving in […]


When Marriage Equality Becomes Irrelevant – The Future of Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality - We Won

By Brandy Black We WON! Words alone cannot depict the significance this day holds. I -mother of three, married to the woman of my dreams- am living the life I always wanted, and yet not until now have I experienced true validation and… it’s everything.  This is no mere vote; it’s not just a piece of paper. This is […]


Marriage Equality: Three Minutes Of History

Marriage Equality - 3 minutes of history

By Brad and Justin As the temperatures climb and the days get longer, we anxiously await a decision on Obergefell v. Hodges, the historic marriage equality case before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Brad and I were lucky enough to be at the Supreme Court the day oral arguments were held back […]