The Quick Fall From Grace of Anti-Gay Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia

By Alex Temblador With social media it is all too easy to excitedly post happy news such as a pregnancy announcement or share photos and videos of your children enjoying their daily lives. This is exactly what Christian vloggers Sam and Nia have done by sharing their lives as parents on YouTube. However, in the […]

The Pope, Disabled Super Heroes, & a Trans Novel Make Children’s Books News


By Alex Temblador Within the last week, there have been some major things going on in the children’s book world, especially children’s books that feature modern families. As you might have guessed, this major news had something to do with the Pope, disabled super heroes, and a transgender children’s book. How, you may ask? Since […]

Mom Starts #BreatheFire Parenting Movement with Anna Duggar Facebook Post

breathe fire meme

By Alex Temblador Jessica Kirkland is not a name you might recognize. She’s a mother of two daughters from Georgia, but more importantly in a Facebook post she wrote about Anna Duggar, she inadvertently started a parenting movement in regards to raising daughters with the rally cry, #BreatheFire. For those who may not know, Josh […]

Trans Students & Educators Now Protected in Kentucky’s Largest District

transgender students

By Alex Temblador With the recent attack from One Million Moms (an anti-gay “family” group) on trans teen, Jazz Jennings, it can sometimes feel as if the world is going backwards: adults attacking children? There is something inherently wrong with that picture. However, we have finally received some positive news on the transgender youth front. […]

Dad Says Yah! To Son’s Freedom of Expression


By Alex Temblador A dad’s Facebook video has been shared over 188,000 times and you’ll never guess why. Mikki Willis recently took his son to the store to exchange a birthday present he received (he got two of the same thing). When allowing his son to choose a toy that he didn’t have, his son […]

Health Care Costs for Transgender Military Members Will Be Minimal, Study

military transgender health care costs

By The Seattle Lesbian  A new analysis published Thursday in the prestigious New England Journal ​of Medicine found that the cost of providing transition-related health care for transgender service members will be minimal after the Pentagon lifts its ban. In “Caring for Our Transgender Troops – The Negligible Cost of Transition-Related Care,” Dr. Aaron Belkin, Palm Center director and visiting […]

Foster Adoption: Making Space


By Jillian Lauren For those of you who don’t know, we’re in the process of getting certified by Los Angeles County to adopt a child through the foster care system. That’s a picture of our CPR/first aid training (if you’re looking to do it, we highly recommend Ron Calloway). Whenever I post about some new […]

WATCH: When Things Go Wrong on Summer Vacation

Kids fighting- The Next Family

By Brandy Black Some kids have gone back to school and some families are still wrapping up summer family vacations.  As parents, it seems that a vacation never really ends up being what you want it.  At least for us, something inevitably goes wrong, although usually it’s the kids and not me. As part of […]

Tylenol’s National Ad Campaign Redefines “Family”

Tylenol HowWeFamily Campaign

By Brandy Black When I founded The Next Family brand, my vision was to create a place inclusive to ALL types of families, not just those headed up by two moms, like mine.  Until very recently, television and magazines had only presented us with a myopic view of family: one man + one woman = […]