2015 Favorite Featured Products


The Quinny Buzz Xtra is our favorite rugged, all-terrain stroller.  It is a smooth ride for baby and parent.  It unfolds automatically with a unique hydraulic system so it is easy to store, which let’s face it, is a must for the city parent.  The canopy also includes a visor for better protection from the sun.  We also love their Walk Your Way Campaign supporting all types of families (thank you Quinny!).  (They were even recently featured on the Ellen Degenerous show!) *2015 Favorite Featured Product by The Next Family team.


This “Breeze” playard by 4 Moms is the best invention for parents!  No offense Pack N Play but my wife and I got in so many fights trying to set you up, this playard is only one simple step for set up.  Why didn’t anyone think of that before?  We used these for naps on vacations, grandparents house, and everything in between.  It is light and easy.


We love Honest products at our house.  We use the baby lotion and shampoo for our kids but she has a plethora of products in this line that we really want to check out.  We also love that the price point is reasonable.  You can even find some of the Honest products at Costco.


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the next family equality

*All proceeds for the “Equality for All” products will be donated to ACLU.

Susan Howard: Warm Sun

An all-new children’s music CD created especially for gay families. Featuring songs like “Hanging with my moms” and “Daddy, Papa and Me,” this upbeat, toe-tapping collection will be an instant favorite for you and your little one.

“Our daughter loves your song Pretzel Eater she races around the living room whistling like a birdie in the sky. Thanks for the great music, when are you playing in Boston?” -Michael and Stephanie Delman

“I love Warm Sun, it reminds me of playing at the beach with my daughter in the summer” -Nick

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the next family equality

Blue Boy

Original art. All pieces may vary. 32″ x 32″.

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Pink Cow

Original art. All pieces may vary. 32″ x 32″.

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Tall Boy Growth Chart

Original art. All pieces may vary. 3′ x 6′.

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