Change Happens!


By: Heather Somaini Change happens. Sometimes it happens when it’s least expected and sometimes we plan change only to find out it happens much differently than we planned. I sort of love change. It forces me to constantly evaluate my life which can be a big pain but it almost always results in something better. […]


Same Sex Marriage in Vermont Gone Wrong


By: Heather Somaini I read an article the other day by Karen Hartman in the New York Times. It chronicles her very unusual situation. You see, back in 2000, Karen and her girlfriend drove from their home in Brooklyn up to Vermont to get hitched under that state’s more favorable same-sex marriage laws. I have […]


The Thing With Twins….

Babies 191

By: Heather Somaini There are tons of challenges with twins that suck up vast amounts of brain power as a new mom. You’re already working on a reduced amount of engine capacity from lack of sleep and being thrown into the deep end of the parenting pool. There’s nothing right about being required to learn […]


Going Back to the Hospital


Coming through a challenging pregnancy, birth, and recovery for everyone created new people in all of us. We took away a few tricky qualities that we’re still working on, but overall both Tere and I came away with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude that we hadn’t understood before. It was a tough lesson […]


Are We Having a Baby (or Two) Today?

ultrasound picture of baby at 34 weeks

By: Heather Somaini Ah, March 7th. We got up early and were at the doctor’s office by 8:00. We were the only ones there. I think Dr. S did the entire procedure by himself – but don’t hold me to that. I was nervous. So was Tere. I had been told the needle for an […]


The Perfect Person is Flawed

2 moms and daughter making faces

By: Brandy Black My wife and I often find ourselves engaged in an ongoing conversation about our daughter’s future.  We started this discussion while avoiding wedding planning and instead discussed what we wanted our kids to learn from each of us; it continued 9 years later under dim lights, sitting on bar stools over Sidecars […]


Fun Stuff Can Happen When You’re Stuck in the Hospital

lesbian mom pregnant in wheelchair

By: Heather Somaini We had a number of fun experiences during Tere’s almost-three-month sentence in the hotel – I mean hospital.  Lots of people came to visit including one of Tere’s high school teachers who happens to be a pretty awesome nun – yes, a nun.  She’s attended pretty much every occasion for the babies […]