Nine Months and Counting!!

summer 1

By:  Carol Rood I love summertime. Ice cream, summer fruits, hot beach days, lying by the pool, drinking frozen drinks, hanging out with friends, staying light outside until 9:00 pm, and NO SCHOOL!! I am a college student with three kids and two part-time jobs. I also have three cats, a dog, and a beautiful […]

The First Year With Babies


By: Heather Somaini I’ll be honest…I don’t have much to write about our babies’ first holidays. Nothing spectacular really happened. But if you’re like me, you love the holidays. It truly starts around Halloween, winds through to Thanksgiving, peaks at Christmas and finally goes out with a bang on New Year’s. I love the smell […]

Why Won’t Those Babies SLEEP???


By: Heather Somaini Once we decided to have kids, life changed – incrementally at first and then in large swings into uncharted territory. No matter what we thought kids and parenting were about, we were wrong. That’s the one thing no one really tells you. The moms tell you all about the cute parts like […]

Margaritas Are Your Friend


By: Heather Somaini I know you’re asking yourself what a picture of two babies floating aimlessly in a pool has to do with margaritas or more to the point, why margaritas are your friend.  But trust me, they are. Tere nursed the twins for about seven months.  I use the term “nurse” loosely because she […]

Change Happens!


By: Heather Somaini Change happens. Sometimes it happens when it’s least expected and sometimes we plan change only to find out it happens much differently than we planned. I sort of love change. It forces me to constantly evaluate my life which can be a big pain but it almost always results in something better. […]

Same Sex Marriage in Vermont Gone Wrong


By: Heather Somaini I read an article the other day by Karen Hartman in the New York Times. It chronicles her very unusual situation. You see, back in 2000, Karen and her girlfriend drove from their home in Brooklyn up to Vermont to get hitched under that state’s more favorable same-sex marriage laws. I have […]

The Thing With Twins….

Babies 191

By: Heather Somaini There are tons of challenges with twins that suck up vast amounts of brain power as a new mom. You’re already working on a reduced amount of engine capacity from lack of sleep and being thrown into the deep end of the parenting pool. There’s nothing right about being required to learn […]

Going Back to the Hospital


Coming through a challenging pregnancy, birth, and recovery for everyone created new people in all of us. We took away a few tricky qualities that we’re still working on, but overall both Tere and I came away with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude that we hadn’t understood before. It was a tough lesson […]