The LGBT Community’s Post-Marriage Equality Goals


By Alex Temblador The LGBT Rights movement in the United States does not end with marriage equality. Rather, there are a multitude of equality issues that the LGBT rights movement will focus on. The road is a long one but we’ve already accomplished so much. Legalizing same-sex marriage is not something that should be diminished, […]


A Gay Dad Asks, Is One Child Not Enough?

An Only Child

By Henry Amador Our adopting via foster care story continues here in North Carolina. As some of you know, we are licensed to take in two children and have previously expressed our willingness to adopt a sibling group. My husband wants a house full and our son will gladly say that he wants a brother […]


Mixed Remixed Festival


The Mixed Remixed Festival is a festival celebrating the mixed experience of people all over the world. The festival focuses on multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and blended families resulting from transracial adoption, mixed marriages, and intercultural dating. This event will feature film screenings, workshops for transracial adoption families, performances, readings by writers, and panel discussions. Check out the […]


WATCH: Interview with Gay Dads on Finding Out Their Son Has Maple Syrup Disease

Chad and Wayne

A Gay Dad Coffee Chat with Rob Watson This is part of a series, if you haven’t watched the first videos, check them out below. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more LGBT family programming.


Foster Families and Letting Go

Lesbian moms

By Diane Ponist There are many stories about fostering.  Some begin with the family receiving the placement of a child. Others, like most of mine, are about the ups and downs of each case. Here’s a story about the possibility of letting go. “George,” who I have written about several times before, is on the verge […]


Watch: Rob Watson Interviews Gay Dads on Adoption

Gay Dad Coffee Chat with Rob Watson

A Gay Dad Coffee Chat With Rob Watson: Rob Watson features an interview with Chad and Wayne who are a very special couple who have literally saved their son’s life day after day. This is part 1 of a 5 part series that you don’t want to miss.


A Unique Way to Fund Adoption

David and Casey

When Casey and David met in 2008 they discussed wanting kids on their first date.  They instantly connected over their mutual passions for music and travel which also coincided with their careers.  They are finally beginning the adoption process and dream of the day they take their first plane ride with their child and get […]


A Gay Father’s Simple Hopes For Justice Sotomayor


By Henry Amador So I would never use the word intelligent to describe myself. I am far from a thinker or an over analytical man. I am much simpler than that, more basic, I’m a feeler. I trust my gut and my instincts and I make every attempt to move away from what what I […]