Next Families are the New Normal

the new normal

By Alex Temblador Despite the gains being made in the past year with the marriage equality decision that has allowed for more same-sex couples to adopt and become foster parents, there is still a struggle that exists for many same-sex couples with kids: being considered “normal.” The Next Family was created in mind to redefine […]

Mississippi Same-Sex Couples Ask Court To Order Equal Adoption Rights

Gay Adoption

By The Seattle Lesbian A motion seeking a preliminary injunction was filed Friday by two married couples with children in Campaign for Southern Equality v. Mississippi Department of Human Services, the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Mississippi’s law banning adoption by same-sex couples. Mississippi is the only state left in the nation that bans gay […]

The Time It Takes To Make a Family

the many paths to parenthood

By Alex Temblador Unlike the story of the stork that arrives with a baby seemingly upon demand, for most parents, it takes a significant amount of time to create a family. For many women, it takes time to get pregnant due to a variety of reasons such as infertility, miscarriages, endometriosis, ovulatory disorders, weight, age, […]

Video Shows Straight Couples Standing Up for Gay Adoptive Parents

couples stand up for gay parents

By Alex Temblador For gay couples, it is sometimes difficult to create a family through adoption. For one, there are still laws like in Mississippi that prevents gay couples from adopting. For two, there are many people in the world that disagree with gay couples adopting and they use their ignorance and hate to harass […]

Foster Adoption: The Struggle of a Last Name


Diane Ponist Recently we have reached a dilemma as adoptive parents. When it comes to adoption it’s more involved than many people think. Especially when adopting from the foster system, many different scenarios come into play. Who to stay in touch with from the bio family is one huge decision, plus changing or not changing […]

Foster Parenting: One Door Opens, Another Closes

Foster adoption

By Diane Ponist As we are in the heart of the summer, we are also coming to the end of several permanency cases in our house. In a few days court is coming up for “Carmen” which should turn to adoption, and “George” is leaving us forever. Emotions are high and coming from all directions. […]

Adoption: Even When It’s Easy, It’s Really Not

Adoptive parents

By Diane Ponist Our 4th of July this year was a little different than in previous years. In the past it’s been a day trip to the Jersey Shore or a simple BBQ at our best friend’s house. But this year we provided respite for sibling brothers needing temporary housing. So we had a total […]

The LGBT Community’s Post-Marriage Equality Goals


By Alex Temblador The LGBT Rights movement in the United States does not end with marriage equality. Rather, there are a multitude of equality issues that the LGBT rights movement will focus on. The road is a long one but we’ve already accomplished so much. Legalizing same-sex marriage is not something that should be diminished, […]

A Gay Dad Asks, Is One Child Not Enough?

An Only Child

By Henry Amador Our adopting via foster care story continues here in North Carolina. As some of you know, we are licensed to take in two children and have previously expressed our willingness to adopt a sibling group. My husband wants a house full and our son will gladly say that he wants a brother […]

Mixed Remixed Festival


The Mixed Remixed Festival is a festival celebrating the mixed experience of people all over the world. The festival focuses on multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and blended families resulting from transracial adoption, mixed marriages, and intercultural dating. This event will feature film screenings, workshops for transracial adoption families, performances, readings by writers, and panel discussions. Check out the […]