Tortillas and Tomatillo Sauce


By: Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas Stephen and I fell in love over freshly-made tortillas and tomatillo sauce.  Our first official date was at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in downtown Palo Alto, CA, nearby where we were both in graduate school.  I had spent some time building a schoolhouse near Merida, Mexico when I was eighteen, […]

Rediscovering the Foods of Our Family


By: Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas The fish swam lazy laps around the tub, ignoring the ring of grime, and wondering what it had done to deserve this temporary imprisonment in porcelain.  My grandmother had arrived with the carp from her parents’ fish shop on the lower east side, intent on turning it into gefilte fish […]

Play It Again Sam

Sam's Dance Party

By: Wendy Rhein At 20 months Sam is very clear about his needs: his special music must start when he wakes and go on again when he goes to sleep. Throughout the day it is music that soothes him and engages him when all else fails. Overwhelmed? Music. Overtired? Music. Shortout the general pissiness of […]

The Step Dad: Scene 1


By: Wendy Rhein Scene: 40-ish mother and 6-year-old son, lugging trash out of a nondescript apartment building’s back door. Son with Transformers backpack slung over one shoulder, looking up at the sky instead of at the potential but as of yet unrealized oncoming cars that his mother is always yelling about as he walks into […]

Doing My Part To Keep Austin Weird


By: Jillian Lauren It’s nearly midnight and there’s a full yellow moon and loud music in the courtyard outside my door. It’s comforting tonight rather than annoying. The music in Austin doesn’t acknowledge doorways. I’m staying at a soulful little hotel with poems pinned to the walls. The poem next to the mirror in my […]

Goodbye. Hello.


By: Jillian Lauren Our adoption was finalized in Ethiopia. We all attended a goodbye ceremony at the care center, where the nannies and the children were dressed in traditional costumes and the staff said a few words about each child before praying together. The rest of the children sang to those who were leaving and […]