First Haircut


By: Jillian Lauren As a Leo mom who is still technically a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California, I love Tariku’s hair long. But my fantasies of him looking like the newest member of the Jackson 5 have been at war with my dread of the daily battle to detangle. So we decided that […]

Who Needs To Think When You Have An iPhone?


By: Jillian Lauren There’s a piece in the NYTimes today about iPhone apps that give you zingy one-liners and rhetorical strategies to aid you in debating those pesky religious fundamentalists. Not for you? Okay, there’s also one that will help you parry with atheists. Does anyone else think this is the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever […]

New Leaf, Same Old Tree

Jill 1

By: Jillian Lauren Today I’ve lit a new candle, washed my hair, reorganized my files, prayed, stood on my head, made coffee, made tea, made a gross diet shake, washed my hands twenty-six times and wiped everything in my office down with alcohol. I keep waiting for them to come out with an industrial sized […]

Barbara Meant “Hooker” in an Affectionate Way, Right?

The View

By: Jillian Lauren This past Monday I appeared on The View. You can catch the full episode here. I plan to write at length about my experience, but for now I’ll just say that it was a blast. It was an intense day on a lot of levels, not the least of which was that […]

Mile High Club

By: Jillian Lauren Fashion magazine just named Some Girls one of six great airplane reads. I once had a friend in an awesome band who, when I admitted that I cleaned my house to her album, said, “That’s so great. I always wanted to write an album that people cleaned their house to.” In the […]

Don't Wear High Heels On A Soggy Lawn

By: Jillian Lauren When the inimitable Dolly Parton gave the above-mentioned advice, she was no doubt on tour in San Francisco. I don’t have any pictures from the Mountain View show because I was busy stumbling after the baby while wearing- you guessed it- high heels on a soggy lawn. Or more like a slippery […]

Tour Truants

By: Jillian Lauren We had a few days off before the Seattle show, so we decided to try to get away from it all and rent a house out on Bainbridge Island. Here is what I learned: 1. Bainbridge Island is quaint and lovely and has a charming indie bookstore. 2. It is wonderful to […]