Tips on Parenting: What Would Michelle Duggar Do?

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By Ann Brown Discussions have been lively in parenting classes this month. We’ve been talking about practicing good behavior with our kids. Well, it’s not exactly accurate to say, “we’ve been talking…” Admittedly, I’ve been doing most of the talking, and the parents have been doing most of the listening. I think they were listening, […]

House Arrest Is Best

February_2013_Portland_Maine_DSC2111 By Corey Templeton Congress Street Arts District Snow Storm 2 Sidewalk

DAY FOUR OF THE SNOWSTORM! From what I’ve gleaned off of Facebook, people are ignoring the alerts to stay indoors and they are leaving their houses. In the snow and ice. To go places. I really don’t get it. I must have been born without the cabin fever gene because I am starting to panic […]

Olympic Parenting: Gold Medal Slacker Mom

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By Ann Brown, Parenting Consultant I’m watching the Olympics as I write this article. And I cannot help but think about the parents of the athletes, and the sacrifices they made for their children. I wonder about the role the parents played in encouraging their future champion to rise to Olympic heights. I mean, do […]

My Panda, My Self


By Ann Brown I was listening to NPR recently, to learn a few facts that I could insert into conversation should I ever be court-ordered to go outside my house and socialize with people. I am always on the lookout for conversation topics, as – despite my propencity for long, drawn out essays on myself […]

Parenting Consultant: Read My Lips


By Ann Brown On the agenda at this week’s faculty meeting was the book, How Children Succeed. The director had given us each a copy of the book at the back-to-school faculty retreat and we all agreed to read it and discuss it together. Because we are an erudite, intellectually curious, book-discussing kind of faculty. […]

Uncomfortable Conversations with Mom

Exterior of the Leaning tower of Pisa

By Ann Brown Next April, when I turn 60, I will be eligible for senior services, including moving into the Jewish old age home. This is awesome news. A nice apartment, a restaurant on-site, a cleaning service, transporation to anywhere I want to go in Portland, and an emergency call button next to the toilet. […]

Thinking Beyond Parenting: “My Health Plan”


By Ann Brown Summer is long gone but for the liver spots on my face. I am hoping my liver spots will just connect to each other, resulting in a beautiful overall dark complexion. I am not without a low-cost beauty plan for my sixth decade. With Obamacare hanging so precariously in the balance, we […]