My Smart, Funny, Autistic Boy


By Diane Ponist All the talk in the media about autism really hits home for me. Of course I understand why people want to prevent it and research its cause(s), but while most people talk about the negatives, we are a family that focuses on the positives. Our son “DeAndre”, who was adopted through the […]

Foster Adoption: The Boy That Saved His Parents

Foster adoption and 2 moms

By Diane Ponist This week was very emotional and very exciting as many people can imagine with having multiple foster children for the first time with us during this time of year. With all the newness from each child we received this  year, I almost forget the things that got me here. Sitting at home […]

Autism Awareness Part 2–Joni and Maria

lesbian moms with twins with autism

  This is part 2 of the interview we ran yesterday with mom Joni Hill who talks about finding out that her twins are autistic.  If you missed Part one, you can read it here.  TNF: You once wrote that many people have a cocktail party understanding of autism, that struck me, tell me about […]

Autism Awareness Part One: Parents–Joni and Maria Finding Out

Lesbian couple find out their kids have autism

TNF: Tell me about your family? Joni: For Maria and I it was love at first site.  Our eyes met across a crowded diner with an intensity that neither one of us had ever felt before.  We’ve been together for seventeen years and spent most of that time cultivating our partnership and navigating the tricky […]

Autism Awareness Month: Child Autism and Behavioral Coach

Imagine Blocks

To kick off Autism Awareness Month, we look to autism and behavioral coach Rebecca McKee, who started The 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc.  McKee has worked with both children and adults and provides tips on detecting autism in your child, what to do if your child has autism, and the support and resources available. […]

Autism Rate Spikes Point to Environmental Factors


By Rachel Sarnoff Photo: Rodale’s 10 Suspect Causes of Autism   What does autism have to do with the environment? Everything. Autism is America’s fastest growing developmental disability. Autism rates have risen nearly 600% in 20 years, to the point that now one out of every 88 children—or one out of every 70 boys—is statistically […]

In the Great Vaccine Debate, Parents’ Fears Should be Respected


By Mark A. Largent / Take Part Vaccines, once the savior of an entire generation, have become a hotly contested issue in American culture, and fears that they might cause autism have dominated parents’ discussions about vaccines for more than a decade. Parents of as many as one in 10 children refuse to vaccinate their […]