The Controlling Parent…


By James Muscolino I have a grin on my face as I write this because I can hear the shrieks of absolute relief from many of my family members calling out to one another: “He’s finally going to admit that he’s a controlling parent!”  Ha ha!  11 months of being a parent and I never once lied to […]


High-Tech Baby Items for the Nursery

shopping for the nursery

By Jason Holling Working in the technology field, I enjoy the latest cell phone, gadgets, and being the first to have the newest tech toys or software.  This weekend I noticed a trend in the nursery — lots of baby gadgets!  We really have a high-tech nursery started between making bottles, to iPod connected white-noise […]


FDA Bans BPA, But Alternatives May Be Worse


By: Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff   Could this be the source of serious hormone-disruptors? Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, has been a rallying point for parents everywhere. Once we found out about problems associated with the industrial chemical, which is used to harden plastics used in food storage containers, water bottles, toys, and other consumer goods, […]