Harper’s Birthmother Shares Her Story

This guest post is by Mercy Verner, a birthmother. I made one of the hardest decisions of my life.  It started a little over a year ago.  I found out I was pregnant.  I stared at the test, as if it would change.  I realized that it was not going to change, and I immediately […]

Abilene Bound – RemixPart 2 The Hospital

Matthew and Trey arrive at the Abilene Regional Medical Center in Abilene, Texas

By – Trey Darnell (Continued) It is now past midnight, and we have crossed into Arkansas. My excitement, or lack thereof, for The Help has not changed. I find myself constantly checking the CD info display. Disc 5 Track 13. Sigh! We can barely hold our eyes open and decide to stop in Little Rock […]

Adoption: A Life Long Journey….?


By Meika Rouda As an adoptee, I never felt like an outcast until I started attending adoption conferences. It seems silly that I, an adoptee and adopted parent, would feel like an outcast; I am intrinsically ingrained within the topic of adoption. But when I attend these conferences, I am chastised for not seeking out […]

To Tell Or Not To Tell

monkey bars

By Meika Rouda Lately I have been posed with the Do I mention my kids were adopted or not? quandry. I was at the dentist the other day and my hygienist who I have been seeing for the past few years was looking a little round in the belly. She is a little younger than […]

Waiting For The Birthmother To Be Done Bonding With The Baby

Our beach boy

By: John Jericiau I’ve never been good at waiting. I wake up at 4am on Christmas morning because I can’t wait. I packed up my spouse’s apartment while we were talking about moving in together because I couldn’t wait. I sometimes eat dessert first because I can’t wait. So when I’m waiting for something as […]

Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me A Match


By: Meika Rouda The most difficult part of adoption for most people is waiting to be matched. For my husband and me the waiting was excruciating. I felt that once we decided to adopt, the process should be quick and easy since we had already waited so long to become parents while trying to get […]

Devin on Earth

Welcome Devin!

By: John Jericiau The weekend before Monday’s induction had arrived and time ticked by ever so slowly. We enjoyed the time we spent with the birthmother, and tried to learn more about her as we hopped from restaurant to restaurant and tourist trap to tourist trap. Do you like salty or sweet foods more? Salty. […]

The Perfect Storm

John and Alen Rome

By: John Jericiau We were within one week of the birth of our son. We started getting paranoid, listening during our daily phone calls for any signs of wavering from the birthmother, but she remained sure of her decision. She was 1000 miles away from Santa Monica, and it was time for her to travel […]