Spotlight Series: Ebonee and Mia


Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States. TNF: Tell me about your family. Ebonee:  We’ve been married since 2009. We have a 6month old son Kingston Dash. Mia carried and we conceived through IUI. TNF: How did you meet your wife? Ebonee: At one of the Biggest Gay/Lesbian hot […]

African American Section


By: Amy Wise So I have a question: Did you know that in general books written by black authors are shelved in the African American section? Did any of you out there realize that? Unless of course you are Toni Morrison or friends with Oprah, black authors are pretty much housed in their own “special” […]

Radical Unschooling


By: Julie Gamberg I’ve recently become a fan of The Diet Soap podcast. The podcaster “unschools” his kids, as he mentioned when he had the guest Dayna Martin on his show to discuss her book “Radical Unschooling – A Revolution Has Begun.” Since hearing their talk, I have begun to fret that if I don’t […]

Wedding Bells, Part 2


By: Brandy Black We got in a fight before our wedding. On the ferry ride over. I can’t remember why. Could it have been the make up? Things were tense. We had been planning a wedding for a year from another state and it was all happening on this overcast day after waiting 2 years […]

Picking a Donor


By: Heather Somaini Picking a donor – it sounds kind of funny – like picking out a car or a toaster. In some ways, they are somewhat similar: color, size, options, sunroof, air-conditioning, bagel-toasting options. The first time I went to the California Cryobank website, I picked out what I thought was a good candidate. […]

First Haircut


By: Jillian Lauren As a Leo mom who is still technically a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California, I love Tariku’s hair long. But my fantasies of him looking like the newest member of the Jackson 5 have been at war with my dread of the daily battle to detangle. So we decided that […]


trophy cropped

By: Tosha Woronov Well. Well. Look. Leo’s first trophy. This is big. At last night’s team celebration dinner, Coach G dubbed Leo “Mr. Automatic.” (The kid doesn’t miss, you see.) And so a nickname is born. Carrying it upstairs on the way to bed he told me, “I have been wanting this my whole life.” […]

Wedding Bells, Part One

Brandy 2

By: Brandy Black Susan and I were engaged for two years. I’d like to say it’s because I’m old-fashioned and wanted to be sure that she was “the one” but really it’s because we wanted to get married in Seattle and there are only 2 guaranteed months of sun (if that), we were on a […]