What I Learned on Christmas Vacation


By Danny Thomas I usually write a piece at Christmastime… it usually touches on the cognitive dissonance I carry being an agnostic who believes in magic and Christmas. Usually there’s a bit of anti-consumerism… and anti-materialism. Usually I get nostalgic and pine for my youth… all the while noting that even as a kid Christmas […]


A Family Road Trip


By: Wendy Rhein Christmas week is upon us – a season of love, family, joy and togetherness. Translation – 10 days of complete family togetherness. That’s a lot of days of nonstop togetherness. A lot. This year I’m taking that togetherness to the next level – driving 1,300 miles in a week with my 71-year-old […]


“Like a Giant? or a Robot?”


By: Danny Thomas last Christmas I blogged about believing in Santa. I still do. St. Nicolas is the embodiment of faith, magic and giving… Christmas is so much more than Santa tho, strange, I know… I have such weird conflicting mixed feelings about Christmas and the whole dogma, being a critically thinking, agnostic, capitalism/consumption-questioning, sustainabilitynik, […]


Why Are All The Elves Pink?


By: Wendy Rhein It all started with the Elf on a Shelf. The supposedly endearing book and accompanying 1970s pixie-looking, Twiggy-skinny elf creature that is supposed to keep an eye on your kids and report back to Santa during the holiday season. Like this one: This minx of a holiday decoration spends his days watching […]


Home For The Holidays

By: Brandy Black Christmas in the Northwest took on a new charm with a toddler. Grandpa dressed as Santa and waved from the front deck as we baked cookies in the kitchen. Sophia’s expression was priceless. Hot Cocoa followed our baking bliss. Presents and dance parties by the piano were enjoyed by all Then off […]