My Daughter Wants To Know When I Am Going To Die

Eva and Me, Fourth Birthday

By: Amber Leventry I make deliberate efforts to shield my three children from the ugly elements of life. They will learn too soon that people treat other people poorly. They will eventually be witnesses to the fact that life isn’t always fair; money, food, clothing, and possessions are not divided and spread equally between friends, […]

Embracing the Rattling Cage


By Danny Thomas It’s St. Patrick’s Day… We keep trying to make family traditions for St. Patrick’s Day, none of them stick. In my head it was always a big deal with my family growing up. We certainly always ate a special meal. If not corned beef and cabbage, then something related. Sometimes we went […]

Father of Three Seeks: Rhythm

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By: Danny Thomas I have been trying to write this blog for three weeks… About this idea of rhythm And being out of time About tapping into my circadian self About re-finding my pace… I have a lot of thoughts… It’s hard to organize them. I think partly because I am so Arrhythmic… This is […]

A New Hole


By: Danny Thomas well… it’s been over a month since I blogged which is strange because usually I am prolific in the summer… the summer makes me think. and it makes me take my time. and thinking, along with taking my time usually lead to writing… for me. but this summer has been full. Full. […]