“I Don’t Want You and Daddy to Get a Divorce”


  By Lisa J. Keating Less than twenty minutes before school started Morgan asked me if his Nana told me about their conversation the night before, I said no. Suddenly he looked trapped, as if he opened a can of worms and desperately wanted to take those words back. After a few moments, the confession […]


Tell Me How You Feel


By Kelly At the end of December my marriage ended. By the end of January I already had an appointment with the a Marriage and Family counselor for both myself and my three children. As a teacher I knew how divorce would affect my kids and as someone who knows myself very well, I knew […]


Divorce: It Only Hurts When I Don’t Laugh

By: Kelly It’s been about nine months since my husband of over eleven years decided to walk away from our marriage.  In retrospect, I am very glad I didn’t start blogging back then, because there would’ve been a lot of evidence for trial. Of course I’m joking now, just like I have for the last […]


A Perfect “Match”….

Yolanda and Me

By: Amy Wise After over 20 years of being together I take it for granted that we are…well…just us. I tend to forget that society sees us with different eyes than we do. Lately I have been reminded of this on numerous occasions. The first time was at a car show a few months back. […]