Farmer’s Market “Mutti” Gras Pet Parade

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For all who were looking forward to Mutti Gras, we hope you and your four-legged friends come out to the new and improved Easter Pet Parade and Costume Contest! Dress up your pooch and enter the costume contest for great prizes! And, you can even take pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Call The Dog Bakery at 323-935-7512 for info and to register your pup.


Expanding the Family

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By Lisa Regula Meyer


Kenny has always been a compassionate little dude, caring for all sorts of things and never holding back love.  I have plenty of pictures of him “nursing” and otherwise taking care of stuffed friends going way back, and he’s spoken for a few years now about growing up and being a parent, or getting a new pet.  Kids mimic what they see around them, and we’ve been lucky to have some very loving people surround our family since he’s been alive.

All during grad school- which is most of his life- we have avoided adding to our little clan to keep things as simple as they can be kept in our crazy house.  We have a wonderful cat to go along with a great kid, so why push our luck in those departments, right?  Our “one-child rule” was expanded to a “one pet rule” and life was good.  Until recently.

I might have lost my mind.  My biological clock might be ticking (HA! Who am I kidding?).  Kenny might be doing better with chores, listening, and generally growing up.  Maybe I’ve just gotten sick of the begging.  Or I could blame all of my friends’ Facebook posts of new additions to their families, both furred and human.

Whatever it is, we have decided to take a crack at “expanding our family.”  Not humans, that would be too much of a commitment for any of our tastes right now.  And not permanently, because- again- commitment issues run rampant in our house.  So we put in our application to a local pet shelter and are hoping to foster a cat or two.

It’s not much, and it’s probably temporary, but I guess it seemed like a good way to see how it goes.  Kenny understands the concept of fostering, we explained it as akin to being a “cat-surrogate-family” and he says he’s fine with this first step.  I’m fine with seeing where this new journey takes us.  Dwight’s just happy to feed his crazy-cat-guy genetics.  We were all getting a little too comfortable in our post-graduate lives, anyway, and needed to mix things up a bit.

First things first, our interview and home visit is this week, so we’re hoping that goes well and we can move on to the next step.  Who knew that fostering a pet would be such an involved process?  It definitely gives me a new respect for our local foster and adoption groups who help find critters find a home, and the dedication they have to their mostly volunteer jobs.  Whoever first said that the only constant in life is change sure wasn’t kidding…


Bringing a Puppy Into the Home

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By: Joey Uva Enoch

Trevor and I have been talking about getting another dog for awhile now.   We have our faithful and obedient dog Rex who is now 13 years old.   He’s a rescue dog that Trevor saved when he was just a puppy.   The years have caught up with Rex; he’s got a heart murmur, arthritis, and now he’s been getting fluid in his lungs which makes him cough a lot.   We took Rex to the vet and they prescribed some medication for the fluid in his lungs and to help the coughing.   The vet let us know that with the mediation Rex would probably live one more year, maybe two if we are really lucky.  We have been completely open about all this with Grace, we thought it best to let her know how Rex is feeling and to help her understand that he may not be around much longer.

In talking about getting a new dog, we discussed if Rex could handle it, not knowing if it would stress him out or give him some company in his last days.   At the beginning of summer our friend Chris got a new puppy, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Frankie.  She’s adorable.  Chris let us know that the owners of the puppies had another puppy that looked much like Frankie.   I called the owner and made plans for us to see the other female puppy.   That weekend we told Grace that we were going to look at a puppy on Sunday morning to see if we wanted another dog.   She was immediately excited and asked a million questions.  A word of advice: if you take a seven-year-old to see a puppy that you might want, there is no “might” to it.  You’ll be going home with a puppy.

On Sunday, we arrived at the puppy owner’s house and she brought the female puppy to the front yard.   This little caramel brown tail-wagging puppy was adorable -her tail wagged so hard it moved the whole half end of her body back and forth.   Grace simply said; “Oh Papa! She’s a perfect puppy!”    I guess the Grace inspection passed; next up was Rex.   We brought Rex out of the car to have him meet Puppy, he was not very interested, although the little perfect caramel wagging puppy was very interested in Rex, with more tail wags and numerous licking attempts.   We decided to take her.   Just as we made our decision, the owner said; “She has one brother left, he’s more black than brown and smaller, a little bit the runt of the bunch.   I’ll give you a really good deal if you take them both so he doesn’t have to be left alone by himself.”   We asked her to bring out the brother.   At first glance, he was smaller than his sister with a difference in the characteristics.  I looked up at Trevor; “Should we?”  Trevor replied with; “I’ll leave the final decision up to you babe!”   Grace just couldn’t hold back, “Please Papa!!!  I can help take care of them!”  We took two new puppies home.    On the car ride back we named them.  We now had two new members of our family, Duke and Ruby.

Rex has become more relaxed with the puppies.   Ruby is extremely fond of Rex and tries to give him puppy kisses, he has finally gotten to the point where he will stand still, allow a few licks and then walk away.   Duke is the lover of the two, we hadn’t even planned on getting him but now we are so happy we did.   Duke is able to handle Ruby’s hyper personality for some play time and Ruby will hopefully learn to be a little calmer from Duke’s softer loveable side.  Still, for Rex, one thing is off limits: his food bowl.  Ruby tends to challenge him on that, one little growl from Rex and she knows better, I guess she just can’t help herself.

So here we are with Rex, who has been by our side faithfully throughout the years, and now Duke and Ruby, the two newest members of our family.