Gay Dads: First Week With Their Baby Girl


By James Muscolino Maybe it’s because I am still stuck in Indiana awaiting clearance to leave…but it feels like I am babysitting someone else’s child at times. I had to run to the lobby to print something out, and when Reagan and I walked in, everyone at the front desk went crazy over her! I […]


Tortillas and Tomatillo Sauce


By: Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas Stephen and I fell in love over freshly-made tortillas and tomatillo sauce.  Our first official date was at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in downtown Palo Alto, CA, nearby where we were both in graduate school.  I had spent some time building a schoolhouse near Merida, Mexico when I was eighteen, […]


Rediscovering the Foods of Our Family


By: Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas The fish swam lazy laps around the tub, ignoring the ring of grime, and wondering what it had done to deserve this temporary imprisonment in porcelain.  My grandmother had arrived with the carp from her parents’ fish shop on the lower east side, intent on turning it into gefilte fish […]


The Path to Parenting Two


By: Wendy Rhein Over the last week, I’ve been somewhat passively observing a list serve dialogue among single mothers by choice (SMCs) talking about the pros and cons of adding a second child to their families. I am a single mother of two, though the “by choice” element in that nomenclature always causes some pangs […]


Gay Adoptive Dads Prepare for a Second Adoption


By: Chris Coyne   We get deeper in everyday.  Last week we started our second home study.  Parts of me think this is amazing and parts of me are terrified.  Cj is cutting a couple molars and he needs us so much right now.  We are running around doing fingerprinting, doctor appointments, and going on […]


The Adoption Dance


By: Stacey Ellis My husband and I stared at the letter from our daughter’s birthmother and asked each other how we felt. My husband and I are on the same page on virtually everything, and this was no different. We simply felt wonderful about it. We decided we’d write back soon. But because we were […]