Reason #23 Why My Marriage is Just Like Your Marriage


By: Shannon Ralph     Reason #23: I can’t hear you. One of the greatest tools for success in any marriage is the ability to completely ignore your spouse when appropriate. Yes, you love her. Yes, she is the center of your universe and the rock of your family. Yes, there are times when you […]

Election 2012: Equality is Not Created in a Vacuum

map equality

      Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington State will have marriage on the mind this November when voters in support of equality are being instructed to “Vote Yes on 1” in Maine; “Vote for Question 6” in Maryland; “Vote No” in Minnesota; and “Vote to Approve R74” in Washington State. Here in Washington State, […]

Kids and Politics in a Presidential Election Year


By: Mark Hagland When I was growing up it was often said that there are three things one should never discuss in “mixed” company: religion, sex, and politics. Now that I’m a parent, I strongly disagree with trying to shield children from politics. In fact, I see this through the same lens I use as […]