Mom Flying Solo


By: Evie Peck The other day we went to gym class. I LOVE our gym class and more importantly, so does Spenser. During some structured (yet unstructured) play with blocks, a more aggressive boy kicked Spenser after S knocked down his tower. Spenser’s favorite thing to do… knock down stuff. ANY stuff! I’d told him not to […]

Car Shame


By: Evie Peck   My car is 12 years old this month. Happy Birthday, old car. You’ve been quite reliable and loyal… but now that I’m in my 40’s and a mom AND most of my friends have fairly new and much nicer cars and everywhere I go, every class I take with Spenser I notice […]



By Evie Peck We went to music class today. I LOVE Spenser’s music class! The kids play drums and bang sticks and dance while the teacher sings and another musician plays guitar… it’s a mini concert every week. Today, there were a few new faces. One 2 1/2 year old kid and his mother or maybe […]