Interview With Doyin Richards: Empowering Mothers To Evolve Fatherhood

Doyin Richards and daughters

By Brandy Black   Brandy: Tell us how you went viral for being the “ultimate Mr. Mom.” Doyin: Oh man, the media called me a lot of things, but “the ultimate Mr. Mom” is by far the most absurd. The irony is not lost on me that they wanted me on the air to discuss […]

Every Milestone Reached by Year 1…Check!


By James Muscolino One whole year on August 7th. Can it possibly be that one year has passed since our tiny, quiet bundle miraculously entered into our lives and is now that same one running around our house, scratching up the walls with her push toys, pointing(a.k.a. wanting) at everything in site, and tossing her bath […]

What Has Changed For This Dad Since Having A Baby?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.02.52 AM

By James Muscolino Everyone asks me what has changed in the months since becoming a father.  Such a hard question to answer given the fact that the short answer is “everything”.  Certainly, I am a bit more tired.  I’ve become grayer, although I had already had a head start with that one for the last […]

Adoption: A Special Anniversary…


By James Muscolino With adoption comes many anniversaries of sorts.  Various days on the calendar that are circled and remembered.  Needless-to-say, there is the day of your child’s birthday, the day you leave the hospital with your little one after the legal paperwork is signed, the day in court where you officially become parents (otherwise […]

Gay Dads: First Week With Their Baby Girl


By James Muscolino Maybe it’s because I am still stuck in Indiana awaiting clearance to leave…but it feels like I am babysitting someone else’s child at times. I had to run to the lobby to print something out, and when Reagan and I walked in, everyone at the front desk went crazy over her! I […]

A Gay Dad’s Requiem for Robin Williams, the Icon of the Modern Father

Robin William's death

By Rob Watson How Robin Williams Influenced Modern Fatherhood More Than Any Other Person in Today’s Culture The shock of the news of his death will be forever carved in my memory.  I heard it from one of my least favorite sources, Fox News.  I was taking care of my elderly parents who insisted on […]

To Be


By: Danny Thomas I have written about parenthood, and life in general, being a practice of giving in to chaos, and about it requiring a sense of humor, about the challenges of prioritizing and balance. All of these things… over and over again come up in my writing. Funny thing is, all those things feel […]