Tips from a Trainer on Keeping Kids Healthy


By: Susan Howard This is my tater tot series part two, furthering the inquiry about how to keep your child at a healthy weight and give them habits for years to come. Never tell your child to eat everything on their plate. Teach them to listen to their body’s natural cues of hunger and fullness.  […]


Heath and Fitness: Habits


By Susan Howard, Personal Trainer   Habits are often thought of in a negative way.  Something to be kicked…smoking, nail biting, boozing, getting that sugar fix…the list goes on and on. We poor mortals are victims of our habits.  Unconnected to our repetitive behaviors, we simply must continue acting them out.  How did it all […]


Pitch Your Old Stuff


By: Susan Howard A client of mine lost about ten pounds last year and is holding strong to her new fighting weight.  “I am done,” she exclaimed.  “I am tired of gaining and losing the same ten pounds.  This time is the last.”  There was something very definitive about how she pronounced the end of […]



3 day cleanse to lose weight

By: Susan Howard Hello, I am an LA based trainer and I talk about all things healthy.  I took a blogcation, but am happy to be back writing for the site. I am starting my first official 3-day cleanse.  I picked Fresh Pressed Juicery because they deliver to your house daily, making me feel at […]


Spring Forward


By: Susan Howard So I’ve been thinking about depression and all the funny tricks our minds can play on us and I have come to realize what a lie these feelings often are. How dumb our brains can be and how susceptible we are to the littlest things. Recently a large box of cookies and […]