On The Road (To Gay Daddyhood) Again! Part Two, Shaking the Gays Away.


By Henry Amador: So we began our MAPP classes this past August 26th, 2014. MAPP being the State-required class to license as a Foster or Adoptive parent, Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting. In part one I shared how my husband and I were a part of a very special group when we licensed in […]


How Young Is Too Young To Teach Hate? A Gay Dad’s Dilemma.


By Henry Amador Once a year, here in Durham NC, we host an amazing event called the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It is held at the beautiful Carolina Theatre of Durham, a theatre that was built in 1926 and that has experienced so much, not just in the name of art and […]


Bottles, Bottles and More Bottles

Tommee Tippee Letter

By-Trey Darnell 34 weeks!  Everyone says we are in the home stretch. Time seems to be disappearing fast as we get closer and closer to the due date.  Preparations are definitely in full swing.  Matthew and I are attempting to be prepared as possible. Is that even possible?  We have found ourselves asking tons of […]


Baby Prep

Matt back on the boat after wake boarding with his cell phone.

By – Trey Darnell Eight weeks to go. Eight weeks still seems like an eternity and relatively quick at the same time. We are busy preparing in all ways possible. Most of the preparation legwork has been making sure that our home is prepared and stocked for the first months of parenthood. Working out the […]


We Can Hear the Bells and a Baby


By: Trey Darnell On Wednesday morning (June 26, 2013) Matthew and I were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee vacationing with my parents.  It was a few minutes before 10 o’clock and everyone was just waking up.  We knew that in just a few moments everything could change for us as a couple.  Along with thousands of […]


What Does One Say About June?

Trey and his parents after birth. Trey was born on Father's Day.

By-Trey Darnell June is here.  I am truly excited!  June has always been one of my favorite months of the year.  Maybe it’s because my birthday falls in the month of June.  Is it possible to have two favorites?  Just consider it a tie between June and December.  I love the excitement and happiness people […]


Abilene Bound

Matt and Trey visit the Abilene Public Library for their match meeting.

By Trey Darnell Matthew and I matched with a wonderful expecting couple more than a month ago.  The time had come for us to travel west and meet them.  This past Thursday we said goodbye to our cats and flew to Texas.  Our flight arrived in Dallas, and we rented a car to complete a […]


Adoption: Preparing the Nursery

Matt and Trey prepare the nursery while on their adoption journey.

By – Trey Darnell A very hot topic for individuals going through the adoption process is what to do about the nursery. Get the nursery ready? Wait until being matched? Wait until the baby is home? Will working on the nursery jinx adopting? What if it is a boy? What if it is a girl? […]


Give Me a “M”

Matt and Trey are an approved family with the Independent Adoption Center. Matt and Trey are a same-sex couple sharing their journey to become parents though adoption.

  By-Trey Darnell I originally had something else planned to share today, but chose to share something different with all of you.  Matthew and I have debated what we want to share as well as to what extent.  We began our adoption process in August 2012 and became a “live” waiting family December 17, 2012.  […]