Zak’s Safari: A Children’s Book About Donor-Conceived Kids and Two-Mom Families

Zak's Safari Book Cover

By: Amber Leventry My partner, Amy, and I have three beautiful kids thanks to the generous donation—let’s call a spade a spade—expensive contribution of a sperm donor. And now that our oldest child is almost four years old, we have started to talk to her about that donor and her conception. Why, you might ask? […]


Making It Through The Grocery Store with Twins

Ben and Ryan at Hannaford

By: Amber Leventry When I go to the grocery store with my 15 month old twin boys, I swing through emotions faster than I do on the day before my period. As I gather my coupons and courage to leave the house, I know I will soon experience more feelings than a sane person should […]


Be The Change In This World Your Dads Hope For

Jason in the plaid shirt speaks out about second parent adoption in Nebraska.

By Jason Holling About two weeks ago, Justin and I had the chance to help with a postcard campaign in an attempt to get a bill out of the Nebraska State Judiciary Committee that supported the need to allow second parent adoption by two unmarried qualified adults in Nebraska. We collected post cards and helped […]


Riding an Adoption Roller Coaster

Jason and Justin talk about their long wait while trying to adopt.

By Jason Holling Waiting can seem like an eternity. While we wait to be matched, Justin and I have decided to focus on getting the nursery setup and networking so others see our profile. While we expected ups and downs in the adoption journey, I do not think we were fully prepared for some of […]


Abilene Bound – Remix Part 1

Matt and Trey are having a baby!

By-Trey Darnell Monday August 19, 2013 started just like any other Monday for Matthew and I.  It was business as usual and we were still anxiously counting down the days until the arrival of Baby T-Rex.  Travel plans were being finalized, and the last days of work were being scheduled. Only 23 days until the […]


Being Bit by the Nesting Bug

Pile of boxes.

By: Jason Holling We knew we were ready to become fathers when we started strolling down the baby aisles at Target to look at all the cute cribs, toys, and baby clothes. We had reached that point in our lives where we both were stable in our careers and relationship to welcome and care for […]


Are Gay Parents Better Parents?

Two dads are better than one.

By: Jason Holling I know my headline is going to cause some controversy with heterosexual readers. And I do not mean to imply that a heterosexual parent is a bad parent by any means. But I have been thinking a lot lately about a family with two dads, such as Justin and myself, and what […]