Same Gender Wedding Invitations

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I don’t get it!

Yes, we are two women and yes, we are getting married next year, legally even. So, just like most engaged couples planning their special event, we have a vision . . . a color pallet, an overall idea of what we want our wedding/reception to “feel” and look like. So why is it that most of the invitation designers I’ve seen online think every LGBT wedding’s theme is Gay Pride?

Our wedding colors are tangerine and malibu. That’s fancy talk for orange and blueish. We would like to incorporate our colors into our invitations, like most couples, and luckily, with editing and personalization we will be able to.

So then, what’s my beef? It’s that several companies have decided to be totally stereotypical. Let’s not design and market a bunch of same gender wedding invitations in lots of different colors, let’s sample most of them rainbow and then let’s keep all the other invitations sampled (that are shown in various colors because couples have different styles) strictly straight.

Where’s the rainbow invite for Ben and Tricia? No where to be found.

Where’s the rainbow or two bridal gown invitations for Erin and me? Everywhere. Is there an option with a bridal gown and a tuxedo with boobs because not all lesbian couples wear two dresses or even one.

Why not just market all invitations with various names and pictures? And while I’m on my equality soap box, where in the hell are all the sample photo invitations showcasing interracial couples and couples of color? I have seen the wedding invitation websites and it is WHITE washed, my friends.

Yes, I’m white, but I’m also armed with a set of eyes, a MA in multicultural education and a not so invisible knapsack.

Some may say that the lack of sample invitations with same gender names/photos is because “Gay Marriage” is so new. I call bullshit. If that was the case, then the invitation sites should be flooded with couples of color and interracial couples too. Even Justice Alito knows that the right to marry for people of color, to each other and interracially, is (in fact this time) older than cell phones and the web and catalogs should show as much.

I guess I should be happy in that most of the same gender invitations weren’t sampled as just taking place in the Castro. Baby steps.


Long Beach Pride 2012

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

Had a great time at Gay Pride this year! My best friend Stacie and I were going to be too pregnant this summer to attend SF Pride as usual, so looked around and found out that Long Beach Pride had perfect timing. So Friday, Stacie and I flew from Sacramento to Long Beach and met three other surrogate friends there.

We had our shirts made, although Stacie forgot hers at home . . . I’ll blame pregnancy brain. Saturday we hung around the festival grounds, which was a blast. At first we were surprised they charged $20 to get in but it was well worth the money. San Francisco doesn’t charge for a similar experience, but we all agreed it was a lot better than SF Pride’s booths, etc.

Sunday we walked down to a friend’s house and watched the parade from her front yard. I really liked Long Beach’s parade as well. I wasn’t sure how it would compare to SF’s but it was great. Yes, it was smaller but it had a great community feel to it. Overall, I was really impressed with Long Beach Pride. I would definitely return another year there for sure. However, after seeing how FABULOUS Las Vegas Pride’s entry was decorated . . . men and drag queens in feathers and the car decked out with feather streamers and sparkly decorations, we may go there next year. We were thinking of Chicago before, but Vegas got our attention.