Gestational Surrogate: Sweet Baby Alexander

By: Kelly Rummelhart The morning of Friday June 29th, Stacie and I walked into labor and delivery to get my “leaking” checked. About 8 hours later we headed to the operating room. Having my best friend with me was an amazing experience. We were only three days apart in our journeys so wanted to document the […]

Being a Single Surrogate


By: Kelly Rummelhart   Two more surrogates share their answers to questions about their experiences as single, gestational surrogates. Were you single when you applied to be a surrogate? If not, at what point in the process did you become single? Are you single (as in alone) or are you single with a partner, you […]

Being a Single Surrogate


By: Kelly Rummelhart If you remember, weeks ago I shared with you that after thirteen years together (and eleven married), my marriage ended. We are approaching four months since my husband decided to leave and I have to say that I’m doing great. I have had several people say in so many words that it is […]