On Adoption: Then and Now


By Jillian Lauren       We spent a remarkable weekend with T’s “first friends.” Unprompted by me, he calls them his brothers and sisters. The first picture is of the kids when they were still living in a care center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The second one is of the same kids now (in […]


For a Different Kind of Family, We Are Really Just the Same


By: Stacy Clark I am a 44-year-old mother of two daughters. One daughter shares my genes, reflects my blue eyes and wheat-colored hair (though I pay for my golden highlights now). The other exquisitely Asian daughter was adopted from China and shares my heart. When our family, which includes my blue-eyed husband from Connecticut, goes […]


I See America’s Diverse Future—In My House


By Melissa Fay Greene     The very words “majority” and “minority” in American demographics are about to swap meanings, like partners on opposing sides of a Virginia reel who lock arms in the middle, whirl about, and take up positions on opposite sides of the lineup. A few weeks ago, the U.S. Census Bureau […]


Weaving the Stories Together

By: Meika Rouda “How many of you are adopted?” the keynote speaker asked. I raised my hand. The auditorium was packed with people. Who were they? I wondered. Social workers, adoptees, adoptive families, birthmothers? All of the above. “How many of you have adopted children?” I raised my hand again. The woman next to me, […]


The Art of Multicultural Parenting

Adoptive Child

By: Stacy Clark A couple of summers ago, my daughter Hanna attended a weekly art class here in our suburban Florida neighborhood. Picture a master-planned community with meandering tree-lined boulevards and tidy homes tucked within stone-walled villages, named after places in England. While there are families of different races and cultures sprinkled about, the majority […]


How to Adopt a Baby


By: Katherine Malmo 1. Talk to friends and friends of friends about their experiences. 2. Try not to get lost driving around foreign neighborhoods looking for a community center that will host the Journeys of the Love, Hope, Heart, Blessed-Child’s Dream of the Christ’s Open Adoption agency meeting. 3. Ask the social workers what programs/countries […]


2 Dads, Children And Babies

Chris Coyne

By: Chris Coyne Jon and I both come from large families.  Jon is the oldest of four boys.  I was the youngest of four kids but my mother adopted four kids with her second husband.  I have always supported my mother and her decision to adopt four beautiful children.  My mom helped raise her brothers […]


No Words


By: Jillian Lauren At the Ethiopian Airlines counter at Washington Dulles International Airport, the woman in line behind me was just bemoaning the fact that she was going to miss out on the sheep they were slaughtering for Christmas. The woman asked her daughter to save a leg in the fridge until she returned. After […]