Interracial Marriage: 20 Years of Marriage!


Our Wedding Day ~ August 21, 1993  I do! And then some! I now pronounce you… I had to make our cake topper because interracial cake toppers didn’t exist 20 years ago  Filled with joy! Jamie and I NEVER imagined 21 years ago, on that fateful day on the freeway, that this month, we would be […]


Agree to Disagree?


By: Amy Wise   As you all know by now, I am not shy about voicing my opinions and beliefs.  I have never had a problem speaking up or speaking out about things I feel strongly about.  In fact, when I was younger, that “attribute” got me in a bit of trouble throughout the years!  I always felt that it was more important to speak up about […]


Interracial Family: Hair…It Continues to Amaze Me

Black people and their hair

By: Amy Wise One thing that I’m still getting used to even after 16 years of having a mixed race daughter is this whole “hair thing.” The other day I went into Tatiana’s bathroom and hanging everywhere were rows of HAIR! She had washed her weave and it was hanging off the towel racks, shower […]