Love Is Never Asking Them To Say “I’m Sorry”


By: Joe Newman Most parents and teachers regularly ask children to apologize for things they’ve done.  When one child hits another I’ll commonly hear, “Apologize to your brother!  There’s no hitting allowed.  Now say you’re sorry.”  Then the one will sheepishly say to the other “I’m sorry.”  Children quickly learn that apologies are a cheap […]

Our Silent Holocaust


By: Joe Newman According to IMS Health (one of the leading consultants for pharmaceutical companies), 24 million U.S. children were taking ADHD medications in 2009.  Additionally, 10 million children were taking anti-depressants, and 6 million were taking anti-psychotics.  The total number of children in the U.S. is approximately 75 million. The only thing I find […]

Q&A: Tips for Flying with a Toddler


Question: My wife’s family lives far away; mine lives local. Since our two-year-old was born we’ve flown five times and it’s getting to be a nightmare. I don’t know if any of you have travelled with a toddler but we could really use some tips and advice because between the whining and the tantrums and […]

Gavin’s Posse


By: Joe Newman One afternoon I was at the recreation field of a large middle school (3,000 students) visiting one of the behaviorists I was training, when I saw a student bullying other students. He walked into the middle of a group playing basketball, followed by his two friends, and grabbed the ball and kicked […]

Q&A: Toddlers and Hitting: My Son Hits and Pushes Other Kids!


Note from the editor: It is important to us that TNF expose you to both sides of the coin on parenting issues. Your child may not fit the personality described by one writer but s/he may very well be like another. Each week in this Q & A segment we will juxtapose two parenting philosophies […]