Losing It

Sad toddler girl rubbing eyes

By Julie Gamberg I had one of those days today. A day that only a parent can appreciate. My toddler didn’t nap. And not only didn’t she nap, but whatever was keeping her too wired to sleep was also keeping her hysterical, weepy, wild, and deeply invested in negating any suggestion I might make or […]


Picking Sperm, Part Two: Sperm Bank Ethics


By: Julie Gamberg    So you’ve thought everything through and you know that a sperm bank is the best route for you, or for you and your partner. Now you have to choose a sperm bank, and decide between a completely anonymous donor, or an“identity release” or “willing to be known” (different sperm banks use different terms) donor […]


Picking Sperm, Part One: The Accidental Eugenicist– A Journey Toward a Known Donor


By: Julie Gamberg Picking a sperm donor, to your great chagrin, will bring out the eugenicist in you. You will find yourself mixing and matching genetic traits like you would an ensemble for a big night out.  And if that weren’t bad enough, you will be forced to put your money where your mouth is on the nature versus […]