Great Day!


By: Kacie Bernstein “You guys are going to LOVE this place”, was what I kept telling the kids on the way to the Americana in Glendale.  I needed an activity to fill the morning, and their play area seemed like a genius solution!  The kids got so excited when they saw the dancing water.  I […]

The Sad Goodbye

trip away from the kids

By: Kacie Bernstein Twins provide double the joy, hugs, and kisses, but also double the tantrums and children to entertain at 5:00 in the morning… My excitement was heightening in the weeks leading up to our overseas adventure.  It would be our first real vacation since our kids were born, and a much-needed getaway!  I […]



By: Kacie Bernstein As a kid, I was a frequent visitor to the ER.  Not only was I an active child, but a clumsy one as well.  My mom was a trooper since all my accidents happened while my dad was at work; I always wondered how I would react in a similar situation. It […]