The Atlantic Thinks Women Are Deluding Themselves

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By: Kellen Kaiser I recently moved in with my new boyfriend. I was interested then to read the Atlantic’s article about the different expectations men and women have regarding cohabitation. It added to the “living together will keep you single” trope by saying that a number of women, who think the man they are living […]


I Became a Dragqueen Nun

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By Kellen Kaiser It starts with white face, the kind clowns use, smeared on with a sponge and then powdered to matte. Then eyebrows drawn on with greasepaint, cheeks made razor sharp using the side of a piece of cardboard as a guide, and false lashes applied. Glitter is sprinkled everywhere, liberally. Jewels are affixed […]


Daddy Issues


By: Kellen Kaiser I don’t date older men. And if I’m being honest, it is at least partially because I was raised by lesbians. Lord forbid I have “Daddy Issues.” This term, often applied to strippers and ladies involved in May/December romances, shadows me. I have myself internalized the judgments shot towards dinner tables where […]


I’m Special


By: Kellen Kaiser     You know that Radiohead song? The one that goes, “I want you to notice when I am not around. You’re so f-cking special. I wish I was special.” Like Mr. Thom Yorke and most artists, I also fluctuate between an inflated sense of self-importance and abject insecurity. Like most people I […]