My Daughter Wants To Know When I Am Going To Die

Eva and Me, Fourth Birthday

By: Amber Leventry I make deliberate efforts to shield my three children from the ugly elements of life. They will learn too soon that people treat other people poorly. They will eventually be witnesses to the fact that life isn’t always fair; money, food, clothing, and possessions are not divided and spread equally between friends, […]

The Pope, Disabled Super Heroes, & a Trans Novel Make Children’s Books News


By Alex Temblador Within the last week, there have been some major things going on in the children’s book world, especially children’s books that feature modern families. As you might have guessed, this major news had something to do with the Pope, disabled super heroes, and a transgender children’s book. How, you may ask? Since […]

Why I Hug My Tween (Even When He Complains)


By: Shannon Ralph I vividly remember my last day as a cool person. I had been living for years—mistakenly—under the assumption that I was a “cool mom.” It’s been five months since that façade crumbled, but it seems like only yesterday. It was a beautiful spring morning when my wife informed me, rather sheepishly, that […]

Dad Says Yah! To Son’s Freedom of Expression


By Alex Temblador A dad’s Facebook video has been shared over 188,000 times and you’ll never guess why. Mikki Willis recently took his son to the store to exchange a birthday present he received (he got two of the same thing). When allowing his son to choose a toy that he didn’t have, his son […]

Little Magician Workshop


Bibbidi bobbidi boo! Join the Magic! At this weekly “Little Magician” workshop teaches kids to perform magic tricks. Now they will surprise family and friends with their new “extraordinary” power. Remember before and after the workshop kids are welcome to enjoy free play for unlimited time. Space is limited to 25 kids per session. Call […]

Picnic on the Promenade: Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra


July 10, 2015 – August 21, 2015 Noon – 3 p.m. Santa Monica, CA 90401 Escape from the cubicle and enjoy lunch at Downtown Santa Monica’s Picnic on the Promenade. This annual summer series eases locals and Promenade walkers into the weekend every Friday afternoon with live music, classic board games, interactive challenges, and free […]

Kids Talk About the Word “Gay” & How It’s Used in School

Kids talk about the word gay

By Alex Temblador It’s that time of year—back-to-school time! This week or soon, your children will see friends that they haven’t seen all summer, meet a new teacher, and start learning new subjects like how to read, multiplication, or their state’s history. Beyond learning educational subjects, children learn other things at school through socializing with […]