Gardening Classes at Natural History Museum LA


GROW YOUR OWN VEGETABLES Sundays, September 13, 20, 27 & October 4 | 1-4:30 pm Create your own edible garden for fresh organic produce by learning how to: 1. Create good soil out of your current one 2. What, how, and when to plant 3. How much and how often to add compost and water […]


Adventures With Clifford The Big Red Dog


See Clifford and all the bone-ifide hands-on interactive fun at the Discovery Cube this summer! Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog transports you to the world of Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, and all the residents of Birdwell Island. When exploring the exhibit, you will encounter the people and places that make up Clifford’s world!


Autistic Son Communicates About Abuse

Diane and Kristin

By Diane Ponist When raising a child with special needs you face struggles that many people could never understand. Of course, there are more rewards than challenges, and we chose our two special needs children. But even with having an advance idea of what to expect, it is still very tough at times. It helps a bit […]


Just Call It What It Is: The Sex Talk

sex talk

By Alex Temblador The Sex Talk: the three scariest words in a parent’s vocabulary. Not many parents are excited to have the sex talk with their children and for good reasons. It’s difficult to imagine your child exploring their sexuality but despite the wishes of parents, children and teens are exploring their bodies and their […]


Three Children’s Albums You Should Be Listening To

Really Rosie- Carole King

By Halina Newberry Grant Music is a constant in our house. The Mr. and I met while both temping for a major record label, and our tastes range from avant guard jazz to the Grateful Dead. I’m a big ol’ softie for the kid’s stuff though. My daughter’s bedtime ritual includes five books and five […]


Springtime Activities for Little Vampires

Spring with kids

By: Shannon Ralph It’s official. Spring has arrived, and it’s here to stay. The days are getting longer. Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. The sun shines high in a crystal blue sky. Joggers are shaking off the winter doldrums and hitting the lakeside trails in shorts that probably should have been outlawed in 1972. […]


When Do I Try To Curb My Daughter’s Affections?

children hugging

By Halina Newberry Grant The boy is her height, but chubby. He has muddy blond hair, a yellow t-shirt with a green dinosaur, denim shorts and dirty feet from running through the sand. He’s watching some older kids tumble down the slide, all shoes and screams and angled joints. She sees him from across the […]