Gay Dad: Meet the Parents

meet the parents

By John Jericiau The math is simple. Twenty-five boys and girls in a kindergarten class means approximately fifty involved parents. We happen to already know two other parents (the parents of one of Devin’s preschool friends), and of course we know ourselves.  So that leaves about 46 new adults to get to know. In the first […]

Gay Dad: Kindergarten is Krazy!


By John Jericiau Now that Devin is seven weeks deep into kindergarten, it’s starting to hit us. Education, even at this age, is a serious matter. I’m not talking about the learning that is happening in Devin’s world. That is quite expected. It seemed like almost overnight Devin started telling us what new words he […]

The Glory of Transitional Kindergarten


By Meika Rouda There is a new California mandate that children must be five by September 1st in order to start kindergarten. Since many kids, including my son, have birthdays after the cut-off date but before the end of the year, the state has implemented Transitional Kindergarten. It is a modified program for 4-year-olds, or […]

Gay Dad’s Son Starts School: My Kid’s Garden

Devin kindergartenday1

By John Jericiau “Daddy, is it called ‘kidnergarten’ because only kids are allowed?” my 5-year-old son asked as we walked the three blocks on his first day of school. “Actually Devin, it’s ‘kindergarten’, not ‘kidnergarten’.  But it is for kids your age”, I replied. “Is there a garden there?” “Hmmm.  Sort of.” I thought to […]