Marriage and Kids: Sticking It Out

happy couple on wedding day

By: Tosha Woronov Several months ago I wrote about my and my husband’s decision to not have any more children. [My One and Only] I wrote a little about his enviable conviction in our choice to stop at one and I wrote a lot about my angst. (Of course, I can probably count on one hand […]

Island Holiday


By: Tanya Ward Goodman After ten days on a nearly-deserted island, we arrived home to a crispy Christmas tree and piles of mail. Nearly-deserted island? It’s true. This year, for the holidays, we packed up the fam and braved numerous (and increasingly smaller) airplanes, arriving finally on what is referred to as a “family island” […]

Terrific Tuesday


By: Tanya Ward Goodman Hip LA mom writes about things to do in the city with your children. Took the kids to LACMA recently on the first of what I’ve decided will be “Terrific Tuesdays”. Thanks to constant LAUSD budget cuts they get out of school early on Tuesdays and rather than spend these extra […]